July 02, 2015

Technology Cleanse

Now that is is officially summer, I have time to do the nitty gritty tasks that I put off during the school year. Along with cleaning my room and closet, it is also so important to do a "technology cleanse". 

Two years ago during mid year exams, my computer crashed. I kid you not when I say this was one of the most stressful experiences of my life. Not only was all my school work on it that I needed to study, but all my photos, music, etc. I had not backed up my laptop, which was incredibly stupid. The people at the Apple store told me the odds of me getting anything back were slim and I then preceded to have a mental breakdown in the store. Long story short after sending it to multiple data recovery companies, I was lucky enough to get everything back. Although this was a horrific experience, I learned the importance of managing my storage and backing everything up frequently. 

Anyways, being a blogger I have so many photos on my laptop from outfit shoots. Sometimes I just quickly go in and select the few pictures that I need for the post and never go back and delete all the outtakes and repeat photos. Photos take up a ton of storage, so doing a picture purge really clears up your computer. Also, it is important to regularly update software, this helps to keep everything running smoothly. 

Recently, I have been using Spotify for all my music instead of iTunes. Because I have premium, I have access to pretty much any song I could ever want to listen to (except Taylor Swift), so I think that I could delete a bunch of music from my library. Also, sometimes with iCloud movies and TV shows automatically show up on my computer because I am under the same account as the rest of my family. If I know that I will not be watching them, I just delete them to save space. 

Not only is it important to clear off computers, but also phones. With a computer you have a significant amount of storage, however with iPhones odds are you only have 16-32GB which is not a lot. There is nothing more aggravating than that horrible pop-up that shows up when you go to take a picture saying "Not enough storage". Once you back up your phone, delete any pictures you do not need to save storage. Also, go through your apps. If there is a game that the little kid you babysit downloaded, or you have five different weather apps delete them, you don't need of them. This was kind of a long and boring post, but I hope it was helpful!


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. I totally agree with you! I'm the type of person who goes through my photos and files regularly to see what I do without and what I need to keep.

    Running Alyssa

  2. This is a great post! I usually try to keep up with deleting things I don't need off of my laptop, just to help with the longevity of it! I haven't done so in awhile, so thanks for the reminder!