July 28, 2015

Buy it Now!

I know what you are probably thinking, Catherine are you crazy it is July why on earth are you blogging about winter products? You're right, this is absolute insanity, however for some reason J. Crew puffer vests and bean boots seem to always sell out by the time the cold weather rolls in. I have had my bean boots for four years and I wear them practically every day during the winter months. They are great for snow, rain, or any other wintery mix- not to mention they are super comfortable! In the past two or so years, bean boots have sold out everywhere and are backordered until June. As of now, they are in stock in every style and size, so if you have been contemplating purchasing a pair (which I highly recommend) you should do it now! I often get a lot of questions about my bean boots and I have the women's 8 inch boot in tan/brown. 

Also, J. Crew vests have had a tendency to sell out rather quickly, so I also recommend purchasing them sooner rather than later. They are perfect for crisp fall days, or to layer with a sweater and jacket in the winter. If you do not currently have one, I would opt for the black or navy as they match everything, however if you are looking for a little pop of color I am loving the orange! They are available for $98 at J. Crew Factory and at J. Crew for $120 (slightly different style). I have one from both the regular store and the factory and the quality is the same, it just depends on which pocket style and colors you prefer! Let me know if you purchase either of these! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. I have been looking at the Herringbone vest at J.Crew for a few days now, when I saw this post I knew it was a sign, ordered it right away!! Looking forward to styling it in the fall! love you two and your blogs is one of my favorites!!