August 18, 2017

Friday Favorites

This is the last Friday Favorites post before I move into college, wow. To be quite honest this has really been one of the hardest weeks ever. Yesterday, I said goodbye to one of my best friends which was extremely difficult and resulted in an ocean of tears. The upcoming week is going to be filled with lots of goodbyes and I have a feeling that it is going to be very taxing and emotionally draining. Today is my last day of work and after that, the college packing process will be in full swing until I leave on Wednesday to drive down to North Carolina. 

One: Dinner in Boston
On Wednesday night all my friends and I went into Boston as our final hurrah before everyone heads off to school. I could not have asked for a better night and it was the perfect way to end the summer. 

Two: Ice Cream
This week has been quite the indulgent one... I guess it's justified as I will be eating dining hall food for the next 9 months. Black Raspberry ice cream with pink sprinkles, along with my best friends, will be missed.

Three: New Laptop
This week my new laptop finally arrived! After five years with my macbook air, it was officially time to get an upgrade. I ended up going with the 512 GB macbook pro in gray and am so excited to have more storage and a faster functioning computer. Apple and Beats are running a promo for college students where you get a free pair of Beats with your purchase of a computer which is an awesome addition! 


Preppy by the Sea

August 15, 2017

Best Shows on Amazon Prime

Streaming shows and videos online has revolutionized the world of television. There is no longer a need to have a TV in your dorm, remember to record your favorite show, or have to wait a week for the next episode to air. You can watch what you want, when you want, and how you want. Personally, when I go to watch a show on my computer I automatically think to open up my Netflix account. Although there is a plethora of amazing shows and movies available there, Amazon Prime's video section has a ton of great series that you would not be able to find on Netflix. Over the past year or so, these four shows have really caught my attention and have been deemed binge worthy in my book! Are you a fan of Sex and the City, Suits, The Good Wife, or Big Little Lies


Preppy by the Sea 

August 14, 2017

Tassel Top

top (last season) very similar + under $80 | jean skirt similar | earrings | bracelet | shoes 

Hooray, I'm finally back with an outfit post! You guys don't know how long I have been waiting to shoot looks for the blog. In the middle of July my SD card (which I had had since freshman year) decided that it was going to break, so I ordered a new one on Amazon knowing it would arrive in two days. Unfortunately, I accidentally sent it to my house at home instead of to the Cape so I did not get until about a month later when my Dad went home for a few days. Now that I am finally back in business in the camera department, I am so excited to schedule a bunch of outfit posts before I head off to college! 

This look is one of my favorite outfits I have shared on the blog in a long time. I purchased the tassel top last year from Forever 21 and I absolutely love it. The neckline is very different from my other tops and the detailing on the hem makes the simple white top super fun. I actually purchased my denim skirt for spirit week in the spring when the senior class was the 90's for decade day and I rocked a nice denim on denim look. To be honest, I was not sure if I would wear it again, but I have found myself gravitating towards it quite frequently this summer. This would be a great outfit for the day and then transitioned to a cute night look by adding heels (these block heels have been my go-to this summer) and some fun gold jewelry! 


Preppy by the Sea 

August 10, 2017

Dorm Inspiration

I like the rug from this dorm and how they used their dressers as night stands

Cute decor and simple bedding... 10/10 

Love Renee from Gimme Glamour's dorm + she goes to Elon so it helps to visualize a dorm at the school I'll be attending 

Love the layout of this room 

I bought a Nespresso for school and my roommate and I are already planning a little coffee corner for our room #priorities

Additional storage and organization

Now that I have purchased most things that I will be needing for my freshman year dorm, I have to start to start thinking about the physical organization and appearance of my room. I anticipate move in day to be kind of stressful and overwhelming so hopefully thinking about the layout before I arrive helps to make the day and overall transition to college a bit easier... granted I don't know what my exact room will look like :) Looking at lots of dorms on Pinterest has helped me to get a better sense of how people tend to arrange their rooms and what I think would work best for me. I am hoping to maintain crisp and clean look while still incorporating personal touches that will make my dorm feel a little bit more like home. If you have any advice for move in day and setting up dorms please let me know! 


Preppy by the Sea 

August 09, 2017

Advice for High School Seniors

Senior year is the best. You will have fun, you will be stressed, you will make choices that will impact your future, you will cry, you will learn to love your best friends more than you thought was possible, and you will cherish your last year in the place you call home with the people you have grown up with.  

I am the oldest in my family so I really did not know what to expect from my senior year, so I am here to share what I learned and would have wanted to know about a year ago. As cliché as it sounds, senior year was hands down the best year of my life thus far. Somehow it went from showing up on the first day of school in September wearing our senior shirts to sitting at graduation in shock that it was all over in the blink of an eye. So, to the class of 2018 (and senior classes to come) here are a few things that you should keep in mind over the course of the next year. 

Get your college applications done ASAP // Last summer I finished my essays before heading back to school and it made my life 10x easier. My English class focused on college essays in the first month of school, so I was already done with some of my homework and thus was able to focus more on perfecting it rather than starting from the very beginning. Additionally, it is so nice to not have to come home from school and do your homework and work on the common app. 

Apply Early // I would highly suggest applying early decision if you have a clear cut favorite and know that you and your family can make that choice financially. I knew where I was going to go to college on November 30th thanks to going ED and had such a stress free senior year because of it. If early decision does not work for you, apply early action to any schools on your list that offer it so you know some of your choices by December. 

Don't let others impact you during the college process // This piece of advice was not applicable to me as I went ED and none of my friends applied to Elon, but the college process can be stressful and you have to really focus on yourself, not your friends or those around you. It can be difficult to see others get into a school you were denied or wait listed at but you need to just move on and accept that it wasn't meant to be. In addition to dealing with potentially uncomfortable situations around the times you hear back from schools, you also need to make your own decision about where you want to attend college for the next four years. Don't let your friends or even your parents sway you into going somewhere you don't think would be a good fit, after all you will be the one attending school there, not them. 

Say Yes // You will quickly come to understand how fast senior year flies by, and with this realization I can guarantee that you will want to make the most out of every day left with your class. If your friends invite you to do something or go somewhere, try to say yes as much as possible. There will be some nights when all you want to do is be in bed and watch a movie, but trust me, as the days start to dwindle you will regret not spending every waking minute with your best friends. Go to the soccer game, drive to get pizza at midnight, have a sleepover on a school night, participate in senior skip day, whatever if may be just say yes and really seize the day- or the year :) 

Spend time with your family // Depending on where you decide to go to college, your time spent with your family could significantly decrease in the next year. Don't forget to hang out with your parents and siblings during your senior year, they have played a major role in getting you this far and are your biggest supporters. 

Enjoy second semester // By the time second semester rolls around, if you haven't made your college decision yet, you will at least know the schools that you got into. I'm not going to write an advice post and then tell you to give up during the second half of the year, but trust me you can 100% get by with doing a lot less. At my high school, seniors who maintained a B average for the year did not have to take finals. Personally, I did not find it all that difficult to keep my grades up (I actually had my best grades of high school during senior year) because as the school year started to wind down, my teachers lightened the workload and wanted to have their students have an easy and fun few months. So, don't let homework stress you out too much on a dreary day in February, or on that first nice day in spring. 

Hang out with your friends as much as possible // The most important for last. Take it from someone whose best friends are about to be plane rides away and doesn't know how they will go without seeing them everyday, spending time with your best friends is sooo important. I am really lucky to have an insanely close group of friends that have been by my side since our sixth grade homeroom. In fact, three of us got jobs on the Cape and lived together this past summer- so we really took this piece of advice to heart. With everyone leaving for their respective colleges in just a few days, it is difficult for me to write about this one without getting emotional and sentimental, but just do me a favor and cherish every second with your bffs during the next year, you will thank me later. 


Preppy by the Sea