July 16, 2015


This summer, my friends and I have gotten hooked on spinning classes. Recently, Soul Cycle has been all the rage. I have read on many blogs what a fun atmosphere the classes are and what a great workout it is. Unfortunately, the closest one to me is in Boston, however when a friend invited me to come to a class at a local studio, I of course said yes. Oh my gosh the class was so much fun (but also challenging) and I don't think I have ever sweat so much before. At the place I go to, they play really loud music in a dark room. You ride to the beat of the music at various gears and speeds. I have been to 7 classes so far and will definitely continue to go throughout the summer. I do cross country in the fall and spinning is so great to help strengthen leg muscles without putting the same weight and movements on your body that running does. After a spin class, I feel so refreshed and do not feel as sore the next day as I would with a run. I love going with friends as well because you can make an outing out of it and maybe get coffee and catch up after the class! I highly recommend trying out a spin class if you can find one in your area as they are an incredible workout and lots of fun. 


Preppy by the Sea 

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