September 03, 2014

Lilly Pulitzer Binder Covers

Throughout my years at school I have learned many things, and not just what they teach you in class. After years of back to school shopping I think I have finally figured out what works and what doesn't- at least for me. I'm kind of a sucker for cute school supplies and I really have tried everything, but every year all of my cute binders always end up breaking. I remember in 6th grade I must have replaced every binder at least 5 times and my mom became a regular at staples, this drove her crazy. Last year I didn't have to replace a single binder - so, I would consider myself a seasoned pro. Here are my tips and tricks! 

I have found that the plastic Staples "Better Binder" is the most durable and will survive a year of high school, carpools, sports bags or where ever it may end up. The plastic cover does not get flimsy throughout the course of the year and the rings do not break (one of my major pet peeves is when binder rings get all uneven)! Although these binders are not the worlds ugliest thing they are also not the cutest, so for the past two years I have made Lilly Pulitzer binder covers to spice them up! They are super simple to make, so I thought I would share how it's done in five simple steps! Honestly you could most likely figure this out on your own, but hey if you get an idea for a blog post you have to take it and run with it! Just for reference these directions are created using Word, however if you have pages I think it is fairly similar. 

 Step One: Go to Google and type in Lilly Pulitzer Patterns (or a specific pattern) and then save the one you like to your desktop 

Step Two: Drag the photo from your desktop to the Word document. After you have done this right-click the photo, go to "Wrap Text" and select "None". Now you can stretch the picture out to be the same size as the page. 

Step Three: Add and text box. Once you have done this right-click on the text box and select "Format Shape".

 Step Four: After selecting "Format Shape" in the previous step this box will pop up. Select the color that you want the fill of the text box to be. 

Step Five: Now that your text box is filled in type in the name of your class and play around with the text size and fonts!  You're done! You now have some adorable binder covers for the upcoming school year! 


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I just used this to spruce up some boring binders at work. Thanks for the tip! They look lovely!