September 25, 2014


I love this little Pinterest find!

We are almost done with our fourth week of school and I feel like I am really getting back into the swing of things. Every year of school is an adjustment.  There are new obstacles, maybe it is academically or maybe its socially, but there is always something each year. In the past four weeks I have really discovered the importance of balance in my life. School, sports, homework, friends, sleep- Can you really have it all? The answer is yes, you can! Last year, I really struggled specifically with balancing my homework and actually sleeping. This year I have not gone to bed past 10:30 and have been feeling so much more positive about school. At the end of the day I try to leave school with a plan that will make every day a good day. Sitting down and getting right to work is crucial, the earlier you start, the earlier you finish! 

Over the past four months, blogging has become a higher priority for me, and I find consistency very important. We are trying to have 4-5 posts up a week and with this comes a large time commitment. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than blogging and I will happily sit down for hours scheduling posts, but it also adds to the whole "balance" thing. In addition to this sometimes it is important to change your priorities. There are always some days where you really just have no motivation to do anything productive and just want to hang out with friends, catch up on your favorite show or in our case- blog.  This is okay. Give yourself a break, go do something fun and forget about everything you have to do for a little bit. Life is crazy and sometimes you need to be a little crazy as well. Have you been seeing the importance of balance after getting back into a routine?


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