September 15, 2014

Best of Blair

I'm sure that we have many Gossip Girl lovers reading the blog. Therefore I'm also sure we have readers who would do anything to have Blair Waldorf's wardrobe. I watched Gossip Girl over a year ago, yet I still find myself envious of Blair's classically chic style. Even as just a television character, she made such a huge impact on fashion; taking risks and putting all of us to shame with her unbelievable accessorizing. Her headbands, those red tights, and all of gorgeous gowns she wore were statements of her personal style. Did she ever have a bad look? I wouldn't necessarily consider Blair to be "preppy", but instead a classic and sophisticated dresser. There wasn't necessarily a label on what she wore, what mattered was she looked good going to high school, at her royal wedding, and everything in between. It's so hard to limit it down to just a few of Blair's best looks, but there were some outfits that really stood out to me.

10. "Hi Society" 1x10
Blair wore red tights several times through the series, and they were always my obsession. I'm not sure I could ever pull them off, but they are such a unique statement!

9. "The Empire of the Son" 4x17
I just love this dress. I think the pattern is gorgeous and the lace detailing around the neckline adds so much to its design. Black lace tights and pumps are any girl's go-to accessories. 

8. "Summer, Kind of Wonderful" 2x01
Not only was this one of my favorite Blair looks, this was by far my favorite episode of Gossip Girl. The fashion from the white party was incredible. Plus, I've always thought the best Gossip Girl story lines came at the beginning of season two.

7. Much 'I Do' About Nothing 1x18
I love this classic navy sailor dress Blair wears. I think the scarf is a cool accent and the defined neckline is exquisite!

6. "Double Identity"4x02
One of the most iconic Gossip Girl looks, I love this red dress! The pink purse and shoes match perfectly. Who knew pink and red went so well together?

5. "Dirty Rotten Scandals" 6x03
The moment I saw this dress, I was obsessed. I wasn't the biggest fan of Blair's season 5 style (nothing really stood out to me) but right at the beginning of season 6, she wore this stunning dress. But, the best part of this look is definitely the zebra shoes!

4. "Double Identity" 4x02
Bonus look from this episode! Some of the best Gossip Girl fashion was in the beginning of season 4, when Serena and Blair were in Paris. It was so cool that Gossip Girl actually filmed in Paris too!

 3. "Blair Waldorf Must Pie" 1x09
The shawl, the dress, the tights the shoes; it's fashion perfection! This look is put together so well. I love the color scheme and how all of the intricate details compliment each other so nicely.

2. "Last Tango, Then Paris" 3x22
This green coat is amazing and the yellow shoes and purse are too! Blair had the most incredible collection of coats she wore throughout the series, but this one is definitely my favorite. Plus, the polka dot scarf is so cute!

1. "New York, I Love You XOXO" 6x10
They honestly did save the best for last. In my opinion, Blair's wedding dress was the best dress she ever wore. Although untraditional in blue, Blair could not have worn a better dress in the final minutes of Gossip Girl

So, do you agree with my picks for Blair's best looks?

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  1. Love this post! The costuming on that show was incredible, and I especially loved Blair's wardrobe. I totally agree that her wedding dress was amazing.

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. I generally like Serena more than Bair, but the outfits you showed were on point. Obsessed with looks #3 and #1.