September 07, 2014

Go Green

I'm a huge supporter of all things environmentally friendly, but I'm thinking of "going green" in a more literal sense in this post. Emerald green is the ultimate fall color for clothing. I'm not one to typically look great in green, but I think emerald is a neutral, like navy or black, that really looks good on anyone. In the new InStyle this month (700+ pages might I add- I was in fashion heaven!), there are pages upon pages about styling emerald green, incorporating it into your wardrobe, and everything in between (see it here) From looking online and shopping in stores, I've seen some awesome green items worth taking a look at. Fall is my favorite season for clothing because I feel as though layering with sweaters and jewelry can really represent my personal style. So what's my goal for this year? Pick out a versatile and adorable emerald green item (most likely from this list) and style it on the blog before the end of fall. It shouldn't be too hard, I convince myself to buy things all the time anyways…


Do you love emerald green as much as I do?


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Hi Julianna,

    We LOVE emerald green as well. (As a matter of fact, I'm wearing an emerald green shirt right now!) We're currently hosting a giveaway for one of our monogrammed weekender bags - and it's available in emerald green! You can enter the giveaway here:

    Ace & Ivy

  2. I can never get away with wearing green! I am now determined to find some for my fall wardrobe. Thank you for the inspiration!