January 29, 2015

Desk Organization

This week we were lucky enough to have our first snow day of the year! The blizzard was crazy and we got over two feet of snow. I am typically very productive on snow days and the task for this one was to tackle cleaning out my desk. At least two or three times a year, I like to take everything out of my desk and purge for some serious organization. Working at a clean space makes me so much more productive, so I thought I would share some of my organization tips! 

Here is a complete overview of my workspace. My desk is from Ikea, I have had it for a long time and it has held up great. I love the set up of this desk, the top drawer is great for keeping smaller items and the side cabinets are great for binders and textbooks. The bulletin boards are a fun place to put pictures and other knick knacks.

Check out my Pinterest Perfect Bulletin Board DIY post to create one of these boards. I love all the quotes and silly inspiration when I am super stressed sitting doing tons of homework. 

You can always find me sipping tea while working at my desk! Chamomile and peach are my two favorite teas. 

On top of my desk, I keep my favorite pens and pencils in an acrylic organization container. I put a pink monogrammed sticker on it for a more personal touch. Personally, I like mechanical pencils the best because you don't have to constantly sharpen them, Le Pens to write in my agenda, and gel pens for taking notes. I always keep some kind of lotion on my desk, especially in the winter because my heads get so dry. I use my Whitney English Day Designer that I received at the Smart Girls Group summit in New York City last summer for planning out blog posts, so that also sits on the top of my desk. 

My Kate Spade Things We Love book is placed on the side of my desk, I guess this is just another thing that makes me procrastinate :) I also have a mini stapler, tape dispenser, and some little dishes to put jewelry in after school. 

In the top drawer, I keep the things that I want to be able to easily access. I highly recommend purchasing some sort of desk organizer for drawers because it will keep everything so much more tidy. I don't particularly like this organizer, however it gets the job done. I keep some extra pencils, flashcards, a calculator, sticky notes, etc. in this drawer. Having a note pad is also an important thing for me to keep in my desk. Sometimes random post ideas come to me while studying and I can quickly jot them down and won't forget #bloggerprobs! 

In the right cabinet, I keep some old binders, filler paper, stationary and markers. By the end of first semester, my binders are overflowing with papers and I need a place to keep them for studying for finals. I use two big binders and store all the notes in there and use some divider tabs to separate the subjects. I feel like I always run out of paper in the classes that I don't use notebooks in, so having extra filler paper on hand is always a good idea. 

So... I'm slightly obsessed with stationary. After spending summer after summer away at camp, I feel like the collection has just gotten a little out of control. Every time I go in to Target or a local stationary shop, I always find a cute new set that I end up leaving with. I guess this isn't the worst problem to have because seriously, who doesn't love a nice handwritten note? This huge pack of mini crayola markers is nice and organized without taking up a ton of space. There are tons of colors in this pack and they are perfect for any school project that requires a little creative & artistic spark. 

On the left side of my desk, I keep some of my text books that I don't have to take back and forth to school everyday. I also have this cute little organization thing that I keep some of my magazines in. 

Finally, I have a few picture frames on top of my desk.

How do you organize your desk? I would love to hear any recommendations! 


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. You have the cutest desk space ever! I love the cork board of quotes!!



  2. I love your desk space - so cute! I have the same problem with stationery - I love finding new cards to use for writing little notes to friends for being amazing, professor for their help, etc.
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster