January 12, 2015

Feeling Fruity

After Christmas break I always feel so out of shape and try to get back into healthy food after two weeks of sugar cookies galore! Fortunately, I love fruit so it is not that difficult! During the winter months especially, citrus fruits are in season making them one of my top fruits picks. Today I am sharing four of my favorite healthy fruit snacks to indulge in! 

+ Grapefruit
This past week I have had a grapefruit almost every morning with my breakfast or after school for a snack. Personally I like the ruby red ones the best, they are a little bit sweeter and flavorful. Once you finish up the fruit, don't forget to squeeze it and drink the juice!

+ Banana & Peanut Butter 
This is one of my all time favorite snacks! I remember my first summer going to camp and hating bananas and seeing everyone eating this at breakfast or lunch. One day, I decided to give it a try because I did not like what they were serving and I loved it! Bananas are so good for you and the peanut butter provides some extra protein. Sprinkle some granola on top for a crunch effect and scoop out with a spoon! This snack will fill you up for a while! Also, I find this a great snack to eat before a run- enough to give you the energy you need without getting any cramps!

+ Yogurt Parfait 
Yogurt is one of my favorite breakfasts (or lunches) and making a parfait makes the presentation a little nicer! I hate milk, so eating yogurt is a good alternative to get the calcium that dairy provides. I used Chobani original greek yogurt- I like the taste of greek yogurt better than regular plus it's better for you! For the layers, I did granola, raspberries, bananas, more granola and sprinkled honey on top to add a little bit of sweetness.

+ Oranges
Cara Cara oranges are my all time favorite, they are so sweet and juicy! Oranges are super easy to toss in your bag and eat on the go. I also love clementines to eat with lunch or have as a snack.

What are your favorite healthy snacks?


Preppy by the Sea 

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