January 14, 2015

Winter Workouts

Staying in shape during the winter can often times prove to be quite difficult, especially when you live somewhere that gets very chilly. Working out during these months can be quite rewarding come spring break time when you're back in a bathing suit! Although I am not as consistent with my winter exercise routine as I am in the fall and spring when I have sports everyday after school, I still try to make an effort to do something a couple days a week. Here are three easy ways to get some excursive during the chilly months, you will thank yourself later! 

+ Go for a run
If the weather is 25 degrees or above and sunny, running in the winter is actually quite nice. It may take a few times to figure out what layers work best for you to stay warm without overheating. I usually wear leggings, a long sleeve dry-fit type shirt, a quarter-zip running top, a windbreaker and gloves if it is super cold. If you are in the market for some running gloves, buy the kind you can use your phone with so you can use your music or an app to track your run!  If you have the perfect playlist and keep a steady pace you won't even notice that its freezing! 

+ Indoor ab workout 
There are two different ways that I approach an ab work out, the first being 8 minute abs. With this, select 8 different ab exercises and do each for one minute. This can be difficult if you have not done abs in a little bit, so to ease your way up to this I have another way of approaching it. The first day you start pick five or six different type of ab work outs and do 15 of them and then hold a plank for 45 seconds, each day add five more repetitions to the abs and five seconds 5 seconds (or more if you are up for it) to the plank. Once you feel that you have gotten back into the swing of things start the 8 min workout. I find that if you do this every night before you shower it helps work it into a routine and finding a few songs that help the time pass never hurts! 

+ Join a local gym
Many gym memberships are fairly inexpensive and if you motivate yourself to use it this will be a great monthly expense. There is so much more to offer at a gym than at your home, including a wide selection of weights and machines. The elliptical, treadmill and erg are my personal favorite machines. If you are looking for some guidance for your workouts, go in on a trainer with a group of friends to cut the cost down! 

+ Take a yoga class
I have not taken yoga in a while, but I remember really liking it when I did it. If you are sore, it is a great way to stretch out. Also, we are currently in the middle of exams so I know that a yoga class might help relieve some of the stress I am currently experiencing! 

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What are you favorite winter work outs?


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. I need to start working out again, I feel off the wagon during the Christmas season!


  2. I've been running throughout the winter, my only problem is when it gets a bit icy ... :/

    Mary Mae
    Western Prep