February 04, 2015

How I Edit My Instagram Pictures

Social media is a very crucial part of blogging, it is a great way to discover other blogs and to gain your personal following. For blog purposes, Twitter and Instagram are the two platforms that we use the most. Although Twitter is great, Instagram is by far and away my favorite form of social media. Recently, a lot of bloggers have been doing posts about how they edit their insta pictures and I thought that I would hop on that bandwagon. Over the past few years the editing of Instagram photos has advanced from the lovely #nofilter days, to the not so hot filters on the app to the use of other apps. Our Instagram does not completely have a theme, although I try to keep it fairly bight and colorful and stick to a somewhat similar editing process on each photo. Let's get started! 

Taking the photo
Ahh.. taking the perfect Instagram picture is far less glamorous than the final product makes it seem. I often find myself moving from room to room trying to find the perfect background or lighting. Honestly, the amount of photos that I typically take before picking the one to edit is obscene. When taking pictures of objects, the layout of everything is crucial and it may take quite a few tries to get it right!

Selecting the perfect picture 
After I basically fill up my entire camera roll with practically the exact same photo, I choose the one that I think came out the best

The first and sometimes only step (depending on the picture) I take is to adjust the exposure and the brightness of the photo. To do this I use the app, Afterlight. This app is great for little edits, but I don't love any of the filters. 

VSCO cam
If I want to take one final editing step, which in the case of this photo I did; I use the VSCO cam app. With this app, I usually use the F2 filter. I do not put the filter up all the way but typically somewhere between 5 and 7. In the fall, I liked using the C1 filter as well because it really highlighted the colors of the leaves. 

What are your tips and tricks to editing your Instagram photos?


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. I love using the Afterlight and VSCO apps, too! They are really great for quick little touches to brighten the picture before posting!
    xx, Mikkaela
    The Southwestern Prepster

  2. I love using VSCO cam and Camera plus! They both are great for quick fixes in editing pictures for Instagram.

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