February 25, 2015

Get it Done!

 After vacation, coming back to school is always crazy and there is definitely no easing back into it. We went back yesterday and I knew that I would have a crazy week between school work, babysitting and after school activities. There is absolutely nothing worse than being stuck doing homework until midnight or saving a project until the very last second. Although I am not productive and proactive 100% of the time, I like to think that I have some good strategies for staying on top of the ball. Here are three things I find most helpful!

+ Make a to-do list 
Recently, this has been my go-to way to stay motivated. By writing down all the tasks you need to accomplish that day, everything is all on one place and you can cross them off as you go. I find that putting non school related tasks on the list makes it easier to get done and you can easily cross some things off! For long term assignments, I like to write down one step to make myself do each night. Currently, I am writing a research paper for history and by finding x amount of sources, facts or writing a single paragraph, you can get it done over time rather than the night before with a gun to your head. 

+ Remove Distractions
After school, chances are your phone could use a charge so why not put it in a different room? By removing your phone from your work space, I guarantee that you will be so much more productive! Checking Instagram and responding to the group text can wait. Secondly, I like to do my homework that doesn't require a computer first. I get so, so distracted on my laptop and can easily have 5 different shopping tabs open in a few minutes. After you finish that homework, then use your computer to type your essay etc. Try to turn your wifi off so you're not distracted or open a new window just for school related things. 

+ Take a Break
You can not just sit and do homework for hours on end, after a while you will not be putting your best effort into it and are not as concentrated. I always have a snack and catch up on other blogs when I get home before getting to work. When you do take a break give yourself a time limit so that the 5 min break you had planned doesn't turn into an hour. 

How are you most productive? 


Preppy by the Sea 

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