March 17, 2015

Beach Fever (Part 2)

A little over a week ago I did a post with some of my favorite bathing suits for the season (see it here). While you're guaranteed to have a cute bathing suit for when your swimming or laying in the sun, it's just as important to have a cute cover-up, sandals, hat and everything in between. Just like with the bathing suits, I've seen a lot of cute and relatively inexpensive beachwear items in many of my favorite stores. My personal favorites have to be the hats. I love floppy hats and wear one almost every time I go to the beach. I'm so excited to see the different colors and styles that have been introduced this year; I'm sure to add a few more to my collection. Another new trend I'm loving is wearing black to the beach. I think a cute black dress over a bathing suit is absolutely adorable, and I've always loved black strappy sandals. Finally, while I'm sure many of you have your nice sunglasses that you wear consistently, why not change it up with some cute shades that you can pull out when you're just not feeling your usual look.  


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. I love the tunic! I go for bright colors and prints at the beach.