March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

To be blunt, I basically failed as a blogger this week. I posed on Instagram twice and there has not been any type of outfit post in quite some time- apologies for that! This week, we started golf practice which is currently being held at the middle school library... Due to all of the snow they have officially run out of places for all the sports to practice so this is what it comes to. Obviously this is not ideal but it is quite comical. In addition to this, I went to the gym almost everyday this week which is definitely an accomplishment. Anyways, here is what I love/ what has been going on this week! 

One: Skiing
Last weekend, my family drove up to Vermont for our final weekend of skiing. Every week the 4+ hour trek up north can get exhausting, but one we are up there it is always a blast! This was one of the coldest winters we have had in a long time, so unfortunately I did not come close to the amount of days I usually ski. It is nice to finally be able to stay home on the weekends, I will now be able to have more time to hang out with friends and take blog pictures! All thoughts on Spring from here on out!

Two: New Jack Rogers
It is no secret that I love Jack Rogers. I had a platinum pair but honestly never really loved them. I logged on to eBay and surprisingly they sold! Who knew there was a market for used sandals, but hey I'll take a little extra cash to put towards a new pair. I love the silver and finally purchased them through Country Club Prep, they have all different coupon codes and you can always get 20% off. Now I am eagerly awaiting spring break so I can break them in!

Three: Denim
I have been wearing jeans a lot this week. We have reached that time of year where it is time to put the corduroys away but it is still a bit early to pull out the pastel pants. With all the rain we have been experiencing, I have no motivation to put on a dress or a skirt, so jeans it is. I love this light wash pair from J. Crew Factory, they are perfect to transition from winter to spring! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. The picture of the mountain is gorgeous! The Jack Rogers are super cute!
    Alyson |