September 08, 2015

What's In My Backpack

This summer completely flew by and somehow we have made it to the first day of school. Although I am dreading the actual classes, I love to go school supplies shopping and getting all organized. I like to see how other people organize their backpacks and see what they use for their classes, so I thought I would share what's in my backpack. I have had this North Face Borealis Backpack since my freshman year and it has held up so well. I opted for the black so that it would not look super dirty after a few weeks. I can fit so much in here and the separate pockets work well for organizational purposes. 

+Front Pocket 
The front pocket has many little compartments in it. The two main things in this pocket are my agenda and pencil case. I keep le pens for my agenda, bic mechanical pencils, pilot pens, poppin pens, highlighters, and a mini whiteout in my pencil case. I always make sure to have a Tide Stain Stick in my backpack because you never know when you might spill something. Finally, I keep my phone and graphing calculator in the compartments. 

+Main Pocket 
Behind the front pocket is the large main section in which I keep all my notebooks and binders. This year I have one 1.5" binder with divider tabs for each class. In here I keep all my handouts to stay organized. I have a 1 subject notebook for math, a 3 subject notebook for AP language, and a 3 subject notebook for US History, Biotech, and French. Personally, I prefer notebooks as they are much more compact and you don't have to use filler paper. 

I always have my camelbak water bottle in one of the side pockets. It is so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, especially if you have sports after school. There is a tiny pocket in the front and I usually keep a little bit of cash, hair elastics, chapstick, and a granola bar for after school in there. 

What are your backpack necessities? 


Preppy by the Sea 

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