September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday everyone! This was my first full week of school, so I am beyond ready for a break this weekend. Lots of school posts this week on PBTS- see freshman advice & kick the stress. I am writing this (Thursday night) and still have tons of homework, so this is going to be a quick recap of my week! At least this is productive procrastination :)

One: Lime Popsicles 
This week has been super hot and after coming home post XC practice these lime popsicles are the first thing I have been grabbing. They are super refreshing and way better for you than indulging in an ice cream. Next time you find yourself at Trader Joe's make sure you pick up a pack! 

Two: Apples & Peanut Butter
Now that we are making our way into fall, I have been getting into eating apples as the summer fruit is no longer at its best. I love dipping my apple slices in peanut butter to make it a more filling snack + lots of protein! 

Three: Fall Vibes
Although it is still far to warm to really break out any fall clothing, I have been seeing little pops of fall everywhere I go. The dark fall hues are to die for and picking up a bouquet of mums is a great way to get into the fall mood. 


Preppy by the Sea

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  1. Apples and peanut butter is such a perfect snack, plus it totally puts me in a fall frame of mind!

    XOXO Paulina