August 03, 2015

Rome(ing) Around

I arrived in Rome last Monday at 9:30 am. Running on 2 or 3 hours of sleep the jet lag was a bit rough, however we just powered through and began exploring around the beautiful city. I purchased this romper a few months ago for my trip as it is extremely hot in southern Italy in the summer. Rompers have been a big trend recently, but I had such a difficult time finding the perfect one. My legs are pretty long so they are often too short on me, however when I found this one at Old Navy it fit like a glove and I loved the pattern. The material is very light weight and it is easily packable making it perfect for any summer adventure! 

The night before I left I did some last minute shopping and purchased a pair of converse. I had been flirting with getting a pair for a while, but I did not think I could pull them off. I knew that I would be doing a ton of walking and sometimes sandals just don't work. For $50 they don't break the bank, but the quality is pretty good. I wore them all over Rome and Pompeii and never found myself complaining about my feet hurting. I often find myself resorting to fashion over functionality and regretting it, so this was a nice compromise. My brown tote from Old Navy has been my savior throughout this trip as it can fit my clunky camera and lots more. I loved every second of my first day in Rome, especially taking in the beautiful scenery and getting my first taste of the amazing Italian food! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. Love this casual outfit on you - perfect for exploring and taking some artsy photos.