August 28, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week has been relatively low key as it is our last full week on the Cape. Next week is the start of preseason and I will be doing a lot of back and forth, so I am really trying to enjoy every second left of summer. I have been binge reading at the beach to try and get everything finished before we head back to school on the 8th, but no complaints as there is no place I would rather deal than at the beach. 

One: Boating
My family has gone out on the boat a bunch of time this week which is always so much fun. We went out one day and all of the sudden it turned into a huge rain storm, but that didn't stop us from having fun. Julianna and I went tubing and this picture was taken post wipeout :) 

Two: Breakfast
My dad and I went out to breakfast on Tuesday morning and the food was insanely delicious. I had peach waffles topped with fresh fruit and it was to die for. If you haven't figured it out yet I am a low key breakfast addict. 

Three: Beach Days 
I have spend basically every day this week at the beach. The weather has been beautiful and I have loved soaking up the sun and swimming. As I said earlier, this is also not a bad place to finish up summer reading #procrastination 


Preppy by the Sea 

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