August 07, 2015

Pan Mass Challenge

say cheese :)
While I (much to my dismay) did not spend the past two weeks in Italy and England as Catherine did, I have been pretty productive back home. For years my mom, some of my friends, and I have volunteered at the Pan Mass Challenge for Kids in our town. This year, my mom and I figured we would up our game and volunteer for the adult ride as well. For those of you unfamiliar, the Pan Mass Challenge (or PMC) is a charity bike ride that raises money for cancer research. The ride in its entirety spans from mid Massachusetts to the tip of Cape Cod with multiple stops along the way for the riders to rest and prepare for the next leg of the journey. We volunteered at the last rest stop passing out dry goods (i.e. granola bars and energy supplements) and it was such a great experience. With thousands of riders rushing in an out, we were certainly bust manning our station and making sure there was enough food out on the tables. We were just 2 of the many, many, volunteers each with his or her own specific job that ensured the event went on as smoothly as possible. I'm still in awe at the amount of effort put in and the dedication to such an amazing cause!

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  1. That's so awesome of you! I should look more into volunteering for these kind of events. I was part of the Student Govt. Relay for Life Team at my college and it was seriously one of the best experiences ever.