August 15, 2015

Blue and White Delight

mom's shadow makes an appearance
romper (similar) | jacket | hat (similar) | shoes
Happy Saturday everyone! A few weeks ago when I was going through my closet looking for something to wear to dinner, I saw this romper that I bought a few years ago at Lilly. I wouldn't say I forgot that I had bought it as I subconsciously saw it every time I opened my closet doors in the morning, but I definitely hadn't worn it in a while. Way back when Preppy by the Sea was in its infancy, I believe I did a post wearing it (cue me digging through the 2013 archive). Anyways, considering that this particular romper is strapless, it's a bit dressier than your everyday outfit, which is why I paired it with the jean jacket. Not only does this jacket add warmth and style on a chilly summer night, I think it even dresses the romper down a bit- in a good way, of course. Now for my hat, I bought it on sale at J.Crew Factory in spring for some ridiculously cheap price. Though it isn't something I can wear all the time, I think it's fun summer accessory and it worked really well in this look. Added bonus: I feel cool wearing it :)

Preppy by the Sea


  1. Love your summer style.


  2. Love the way you styled that romper!! Very cute!

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  4. Adding a jean jacket is my favorite way to dress down a look!