August 02, 2015

Ice Cream Sandwich Day

I'm not exactly sure how I found this out, I was probably just googling random things related to food, but August 2nd is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day! I admit it is super random, but it was the perfect excuse for me to try out a new recipe. When I first saw this cookie dough ice cream sandwich recipe, I knew it would be heaven in a dessert. I love a classic chipwich, but I was totally up to trying something different when it came to ice cream sandwiches. The cookie dough is egg-less, therefore there is no possible chance for illness. The whole recipe was fairly easy to make, and the only messy part was filling the two layers of cookie dough with ice cream. I went with classic vanilla ice cream which was perfect for me, but I definitely think you could try chocolate or another flavor to spice it up a bit. Also, I suggest cutting them into small squares as they are very rich and filling

Recipe and instructions here

Have an ice cream sandwich today! If you're really feeling inspired, check this out for more options.


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  1. WOW! Those look amazing!!! Literally drooling over here.