July 12, 2014

Preppy by the Sea Turns One!

365 days, 250 blog posts, 2 girls, and countless lessons learned. Over the past year we have most definitely had our ups and downs here on Preppy by the Sea and want to share our top five best posts and top five worst posts to celebrate our one-year anniversary. We started the blog last summer pretty much out of boredom and it has now become a passion that we love! The past year has been full of learning experiences that were crucial for the growth of our blog. First, we struggled with the formatting of blogger. If you work on this platform you probably know that it is not exactly user friendly and we are still getting the hang of things. We have had the privilege to collaborate with other companies and learn from other amazing girls in the blogger community. Between BlogLovin', Instagram and Twitter we have gained so many followers and viewers, so thank you to everyone who has followed us through our journey. Throughout the next year we hope to maintain more consistency with our posts, expand our connections and continue to work on the appearance of the site. Without further ado, let's get into the fun!

We have had our off days and want to share with you what we think are the top five worst posts from the year...

Here we have our overall worst post ever, fall was definitely not looking super fashionable in this post, just click the link- laughs guaranteed!

A valid attempt but it just failed so miserably. The pictures are crooked and there are hardly any outfit pictures...

A picture speaks a thousand words! Plus who doesn't love hanging on trees :) 

I don't even know, it's just rough. The outfit had potential, I guess...

I just got my new camera for Christmas and still did not really know how to use it. Also, Note to self don't blog while watching the ball drop at a party with tons of families, the result is far from perfect. New Years resolution- use more than two pictures in a blog post. 

Honorable Mention
Maybe not the worst, but still pretty bad…

Nope, I'm pretty sure no one said it. Shoutout to the blog moms for the idea to use the whale decoration as a prop. It was a bad one. 

Going through the blog and looking at the best posts makes the past year so amazing. Despite some days where there was a lack of motivation or crazy busy schedules the final result of these posts makes it all worth it!

This post was from last August yet we think it could always remain our number one post. The lighting at our country club was perfection that night, white dresses are so classic and the quality is great! 

This post just has some fun memories attached with it and the photos are super cute! We were bored one day last summer so we went to T.J. Maxx and bought matching maxi dresses, later we took pictures down at the beach! It was a fun day and one of our first posts. 

Bean boots are my go-to winter shoe for New England weather, so I thought I would do a post styling them with three completely different types of outfits. This picture went "viral" on Pinterest, it is one of the first things that comes up when you search "frat collection" and it has literally brought in 1/10 of our total page views! 

This post is the first time pattern mixing is shown and it looks adorable! These are definitely a favorite pair of Lilly shorts- who doesn't love anchors!?

The outfit is this post is pretty simple, but I don't think that the scenery could get any better- absolutely breathtaking!

Honorable Mentions
Although these posts did not quite make the cut for the top five we did not want to leave them out! 

The scenery is exquisite, the outfit is adorable; this post JUST missed the top five.

The outfit in this post is a great example of casual spring attire. Plus, who doesn't love a beach setting?

The most recent of the posts to make the list, Pop of Pink is a great example of how far we have come as bloggers! The quality of the pictures and and vibrant colors are awesome.

Overall, just a really nice post.  Solid outfit and scenery along with being well accessorized. Plus, that jeweled sweater from J. Crew is by far my favorite winter sweater.

So what do you think?  Did we miss a really good post or overlook a bad one? Let us know what your favorite Preppy by the Sea post was and other thoughts in the comments!

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea


  1. Love your posts! Cheers to one year, ladies!

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. Congrats on the one year!!!! I love this idea, I haven't been following since the beginning so it was fun to go back and see some older ones. :)


  3. Happy Blog-a-versary ladies! I love, love, LOVE your blog oh so much! I am a huge fan of both of you:)