January 30, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

After the big storm last week, it was so nice to go outside in warmer weather. This might have been the best blogging experience I have had all winter, I got to wear a jacket and it wasn't FREEZING! Two weeks ago C. Wonder had some awesome deals (there was an additional 50% off all sale items), I got this quilted jacket for $50 (normally $130). You could say I was excited with my purchase! All the stores are having great sales on winter clothes right now, I would definitely check them out! 

Normally navy and orange are not my favorite color combination, however I went out of my comfort zone and it's sort of growing on me!

How cute is the pattern on the sleeve!?

Cable knit sweaters are definitely one of my winter necessities! 

 I love the corduroy elbow patch, it's such a cute detail! 

With all the snow I have basically lived in my bean boots, it's nice to finally get to wear my riding boots again!  

What I Wore

Sweater- Gap (Sold Out) Similar at Jack Wills
Jacket- C. Wonder (Sold Out) Similar Style Here
Riding Boots- Dolce Vita
Necklace- Etsy

Preppy by the Sea 

January 26, 2014

Preppy in Plaid

Okay, let me start off by saying it is FREEZING! Tights add zero warmth so I was practically walking around with bare legs as if it was summer.  Anyways, I can't remember the last time we did a skirt on the blog (have we ever!?) So here's a glimpse at one of my favorite winter skirts!

I love the combination of patterns! Think outside of the box and don't be afraid to mix and match!

Like what you see? Leave a comment and let us know!
Preppy by the Sea

Sweater- Madewell (sold out), couldn't find similar check local Store!
Skirt- J. Crew Factory Similar at Etsy
Necklace- Crew Cuts (old) Similar at Crew Cuts Factory
Boots- Frye

January 22, 2014

Snow Fun

Today we had a snow day! Typically any time we have a snow day I get super excited, but today we were supposed to have our history and math exams and now I have an extra day to study! To be honest my favorite thing about a snow day is staying in my pajamas all day with a cup of hot chocolate and watching Netflix (I'm watching One Tree Hill right now and it is AMAZING!) What are your favorite things to do on a snow day? 

Beyond obsessed with this Vineyard Vines sweater, It is literally everything I love in one piece of clothing! 

Surprise! I'm wearing my bean boots. 

What I Wore
Sweater- Vineyard Vines (Sold out, check local store or eBay) 
Shirt- Talbots Kids (This is ancient Similar at Ralph Lauren
Jeans- Joe's Jeans
Socks- J. Crew (Sold out, check local store)
Boots- L.L. Bean (for some reason my L.L. Bean is showing up in Japanese on my computer so I can't get to the link…) 
Monogrammed Necklace- www.monogramonline.com

Preppy by the Sea 

January 19, 2014

Game Day, The Sweater Way

Right before the start of the Patriots vs. Broncos game, I felt the need to take some pictures and show our viewers my game day attire! Go Patriots!

Layering with a flannel, chunky sweater, and a statement necklace is necessary for the perfect winter outfit.

Who doesn't love the J. Crew skier sweater? 

Wearing my Cape Clasp, one of my favorite bracelets for every season!

What's an outfit without a little fair isle?

Love the zipper accent!

Happy game day!

Preppy by the Sea

What am I wearing?
Flannel- J. Crew
Leggings- Lululemon
Socks- J. Crew
Boots- Frye

January 17, 2014

Nailpolish Must-Haves

Nailpolish Must-Haves

Hi guys and happy long weekend!

I decided to do a polyvore of nail polish colors that will take you through the seasons with a chic and classy manicure! Enjoy and leave comments below!

Winter- December-March
Two words, DARK RED! I love deep red nails in the winter; they are dramatic and glamorous and compliment any chunky sweater you decide to wear!  Consider something slightly muted and not too bright.  It is winter and a color too bright may make the color in you hands seem pale. I love the Butter London color pictured!
When in doubt, go neutral.  Every (good) nail polish brand has a nice neutral color that gives your nails a clean and polished look.  Browns in your nails look good with browns in your boots (I personally love the Essie color "Glamour Purse", I wear it all the time!)
Metallic of the month: Silver- Good for the holiday season as it reminds me of tinsel and silver bells.  A classy look that isn't too flashy. 

Spring- March(end)-May
Pretty, pink, and pastels! I love raspberry colored nails for all seasons, but I think that they work best in the spring.  Go check out the Essie color "Watermelon", if you don't already have it, I suggest you go buy it this instant; its my favorite nail polish color hands down!  Also, spring is often associated with pastels. Pastel blues, greens, and pink are designated springtime colors so take advantage of the few short months you have to wear them!
Metallic of the month: Pink/Silver Glitter- Essie makes an adorable rose gold pink that I love and also some glitter and sparkle confetti nail polish is dainty and perfect for spring. 
Note: I love the Chanel trio pictured; solid colors and necessities for winter and spring

Summer- June-August
Pink, pink, and well PINK! Go for something bright and not too dark, it will compliment your tan (and Lilly dresses) ;) and looks girly and cute.  You need a good selection so I suggest having 3 go-to pink colors. 
I personally think that summer is a month to do your own nails because it wears off so fast, but if you do go for a mani/pedi why not go for something bright!  Go crazy with a vibrant green, bright turquoise, neon coral (but not too neon!) because it will wear off in 3 days or less anyway.  Also, one of my favorite summer colors is "Aruba Blue" by Essie (dark blue pictured)
Metallic of the month: Blue- This is Essie color (lighter blue) is probably my favorite metallic of the year.  It screams summer and I think its just an awesome color!

Fall- September-November
It's the one season of the year you can wear crimson red and emerald green so go crazy.  Definitely go for darker nails in the fall as it is transition time into winter.  Consider colors that a comparable to the leaves (the colors of fall)  Also, fall is another month where neutral colors are a must along with dark grays (Loving that OPI color!)
Metallic of the month: Gold galore- Get a good gold nail polish that can become your go-to fall color.  It's classic and compliments your riding boots and gold stacking bracelets.

Bonus Tips
If you want to get good at painting your own nails, paint with your opposite hand first (I'm right-handed and I paint my right hand first) It's less messy and your opposite hand is steadier when there isn't wet polish on it.

If your nails chip, either touch up with the same color or take it off.  There is nothing worse than an old messy manicure, it looks sloppy!

Always put on base coat.  It's not something that many people do when doing your own nails, but the regular polish sticks so much better to base coat.  This is a good way to avoid nail polish that peels off your nails in one piece after a day.

Favorite Base Coat: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat
Favorite Top Coat: Essie Clear Coat (very quick drying)

Remember, nails add so much to your appearance.  Having a clean and classy manicure shows that you care and makes you look so much more sophisticated.  It's the little things that make your look better than the next girl's!

Oh and do me a favor, NEVER under any circumstances, paint your nails yellow :)

Did you make it through this very long post...I hope so!

Preppy by the Sea

January 15, 2014

Exam Study Tips

I am not sure when most school have exams, however I think they are just starting or coming up soon! This week I have my French exams and next weeks I have math, biology, history and English. Next week my school has half days on Tuesday and Wednesday and no school thursday so, I guess there are some perks with all the stress! If you have exams starting next week make sure to use this upcoming long weekend to your advantage!  Being in the midst of all these tests, I though that posting about my exam study tips might be helpful!

Exam Study Tips (MId-Year Edition)
1. Use a Calculator when studying for math and science
Using your calculator instead of your phone is probably one of the best things you can do to study. I find that if I use my phone notifications will pop up and I will become easily distracted. I put my phone on the other side of my room on the charger and only look at it if I need to ask a friend a question.

2. Flash Cards
For foreign language, I find that flash cards are the best way to study vocab. Writing out the vocab helps commit the word to memory and you will learn how to spell it. The other benefit of flashcards are that you can take them with you where ever you are going, throw them in your purse and use time in the car to study!

3. Post-it Notes 
When reviewing old notes or going through your text book, using sticky notes is an easy way to remind yourself what to go back and look at. At the end of each term I empty out my binders and put all the notes into a big binder that is divided into my five main classes. Using color-coded sticky notes allows me to write myself a little note and remember what I didn't understand and which class it goes with.

4. Tea 
After a long day at school or even after dinner, I love to drink tea. Tea is so calming and helps me relieve some stress. How adorable is the monogrammed mug!? Celestial Country Peach Passion tea is my absolute favorite and it is decaf so drinking it late at night will not keep you up. If you know that it is going to be a very late night I would resort to coffee.

5. Word Documents 
I have two study tips involving word documents.
The first tip I have is regarding a study guide. A few of my teachers gave us HUGE study guides for the exams. My friends and I decided to split up the study guide and then e-mail each other our work. Sharing the work with friends is a life saver, it allows you to have extra time to work on assignments for other classes and have the study guide ready to go in a more efficient way!
The second tip is for classes you don't receive a study guide in
Starting to study for a class that does not give you much to work with can be extremely difficult so, take advantage of what you do have. I use old homework assignments and vocab lists that I had previously typed to make my own study guide for the class. The old assignments and notes from class will definately help you review the material.

6. Nightly Routine 
During exam week it is crucial to get as much sleep as you can so that you feel rejuvenated in the morning. I like to take a shower early so that I can change into cozy pajamas and study in my bed. For me moisturizing my skin is a must, seeing as it gets so dry in the winter. The St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion is my go-to moisturizer and I love eos and Burt's Bees lip balm.

7. Know When to Take a Break 
You can not study forever, end of story. There comes a point when you know that you need to pull your head out of your binder and take a break! When I take a quick break, I like to read a few of my favorite blogs (http://www.prepinyourstep.comhttp://kellyinthecity.comhttp://www.classygirlswearpearls.comhttp://www.prepavenue.comhttp://thedariadiaries.blogspot.com and lots more!)

Let us know if you found any of these tips helpful or if you have any other good tips! Good Luck!

Preppy by the Sea 

January 14, 2014

Rain Boot Weather

Rain, rain go away… actually I like when it rains because it is an excuse to wear my Hunters! I have really been enjoying this warm weather (50 degrees!) it is so nice to avoid the cold for a little bit! I hope everyone has had a great start to the week, I know the upcoming week is going to be busy for us with exams coming up! Leave any questions in the comments below, we are thinking about doing a Q&A post soon! 

On a warm winter day a simple cardigan is all you need to stay warm! 

Who said blogging in the rain isn't fun?

A simple braided belt can bring your whole outfit together.

This is definately my favorite statement necklace, it's so timeless and simple. 

Hunter rain boots are definately a necessity in every girl's closet! They are such a cute way to add a pop of color to your outfit! 

What I Wore
Shirt- J. Crew Factory (Sold Out) similar here
Sweater- J. Crew Factory (Sold Out) available at J. Crew in other colors (on sale)
Belt- Came on a pair of shorts similar here
Rain Boots- Hunter

Preppy by the Sea 

January 11, 2014

Styling Bean Boots

Bean Boots are probably my favorite shoe for the winter. Living in New England, the weather is very crummy, last week we had over 2 feet of snow and today it is warm and raining. Bean Boots look so cute and are extremely practical. I got mine last year for Christmas, this year they seemed to become extremely popular, selling out on L.L. Bean. So many people received them for the holidays so, I decided to do a post on how to style them with all different outfits! I recently read a blog post on Prep Avenue (definately check her blog out, so many cute pictures and ideas!) The post was a tutorial on how to tie your bean boots and it looks so cute (pictured below). 

Outfit 1- A More Dressy Look 
Pairing Bean Boots with a sweater dress looks so cute. This dress from J. Crew Factory is the perfect dress for a lazy day, it's so warm and the striped pattern is adorable! I find that dresses are so easy, pairing them with a statement necklace is so quick and it looks like you put a lot of effort into your outfit. 

Longchamp bags are perfect for anywhere, I refer to mine as "the bottomless pit" because I can fit so much into it!

This tortoise shell necklace has been one of my favorite accessories this fall/winter 

Dress- J. Crew Factory (Sold Out) Similar at Vineyard Vines
Necklace- Rule La La Similar Here
Bracelet- J. Crew Factory (Sold Out) Similar Here
Boots-L.L. Bean

Outfit 2- The Everyday Look
This outfit is a typical outfit that I would wear to school everyday. I love wearing skinny jeans with my Bean Boots because I can tuck them into a pair of socks (my favorite are the J. Crew Camp Socks) to keep my feet warm and have a pop of color. 

This shirt from Lilly Pulitzer is so versatile for any time of year, it will look so cute in the summer and provides pop of color and a cute pattern for the winter. 

Every once and a while I find something super cute at Forever 21 and this sweater is one of my favorite purchases from there. I am obsessed with the scalloping and the cute little buttons.

Here is how I tied my Bean Boots, it looks adorable and is so much easier to get them on and off! Thanks Shannon! 

Sweater- Forever 21(Old) 
Shirt- Lilly Pulitzer, sold out online check local store 
Monogrammed Necklace-Etsy
Bracelet- J. Crew Factory (Sold Out) Similar Here
Boots-L.L. Bean

Outfit 3- The Casual Look 
The Frat collection is my absolute favorite for lazy days, the T-shirts are so comfortable and the pockets  allow you to make your shirt unique. Leggings and Bean Boots are the perfect winter combination for running errands on the weekend, lounging around apr├Ęs ski or just hanging out with friends. 

A baseball hat is the perfect way to cover up a bad hair day and still look cute! 

I love the Madras pocket is perfect, it matches everything because of all the colors. 

I'm not going to lie, I wear leggings to school almost every friday because I leave to go to Vermont right after school (the four hour drive can be long so, I want to be comfortable) Smart wool socks are so warm and I love this striped pattern! 

Shirt- The Fraternity Collection (I got "The Carter" pocket and the shirt color is "Gulf Tides") 
Earrings-Kate Spade
Boots- L.L. Bean

Preppy by the Sea