February 03, 2015

Black & Navy

Black and navy, it's probably the biggest fashion faux pas around. For me, wearing white jeans before memorial day or after labor day is basically the same thing as pairing black and navy together... a big no! It would be really nice on lazy days if it was "socially acceptable" to wear a navy sweatshirt with leggings, however the two solid colors next to each other just don't work. For a while now I have seen bloggers pairing the two colors together and thought I would give it a try. I think that making the colors work together is done the best in a more formal look with different patterns or textures. Stripes and leather mixed with the unique seams in the skirt help to bring it all together. The majority of my look is navy and then I added some black accents with my tights, flats and bag. If you are going to give this pairing a try, go for it in the Winter months because dark hues are an essential part of winter style. What are your thoughts on black and navy? As for me, I am definitely a skeptic and out of my comfort zone but I like this whole pushing the (fashion) envelope thing! 

skirt- J. Crew Factory  | shirt- J. Crew Factory similar | bag- Old Navy | necklace- Etsy | flats- Tory Burch | earrings- Hazel & Marie c/o


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. I totally think you're right in that black and navy are better suited together when the look is more elevated. My mom has a coat from Club Monaco that includes both colors, and it's gorgeous. Have a great day!

    Ellen | A Pop of Pink

  2. That outfit is STUNNING on you! So polished : )

    Natalie | http://www.thepdxprepster.com