February 28, 2014

Bloggers in Bean Boots

With such crazy schedules, it is so hard to get together to take blog pictures, but we are finally both in a blog post! 

Duck shoes are so great for the little bit of snow on the ground right now, your feet stay dry and they are not as clunky as Bean Boots! 

How cute is the detailing on the sleeves of Julianna'a sweater!? 

We both have this J. Crew pearl statement necklace, it is such a great accessory for any time of year!

It's all about accessories! 

Sweater: Forever 21 (Old) Similar Here | Jeans: J. Crew Factory  | Necklace: J. Crew Factory, Currently Sold Out (Sells out all the time and comes back, often available at both the Factory and J. Crew) | Shoes: L.L. Bean

Sweater: C. Wonder (Sold Out, Check Local Store) | Jeans:Joe's Jeans | Shoes:L.L. Bean | Earrings:Kate Spade | Gold Bracelet: C. Wonder (Sold Out) | Black Bracelet:Lilly Pulitzer ( Old)

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea 

February 27, 2014

Instagram: C. Wonder Sale

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Thoughts For Thursday- Pay Less For Preppy

This week's Thoughts For Thursday has been requested a few times, so here it is! "Preppy" clothing can be very expensive, here are a few spring essentials that I have found dupes for to keep your spring wardrobe on a budget. The C. Wonder in my town is closing and all sale items were 70% off, I got $150 leopard loafers for $28, score! Let us know what your biggest bargain is!
Preppy For Less

1. Always Look for Bargains at Places Like Rue La La, T. J. Maxx and Marshalls
I swear by Rue La La, it is by far the best flash sale website, I have purchased multiple Lilly Pulitzer dresses, jewelry and riding boots there! Julianna has such great luck at T. J. Maxx, check out the designer sections, I have scored lots of colored pants from Joe's Jeans and a Ralph Lauren bathing suit! I don't really have the best luck at Marshall's but its still worth a trip!

2. J. Crew Factory
This year I have been liking J. Crew Factory more than J. Crew, they have had such cute tops and jewelry and I just ordered a pajama set, I feel like such a blogger now;) The prices at J. Crew Factory are already amazing, but seriously I can't remember a time when there wasn't 30% off new arrivals or 40% off all clearance items! The one thing I will say is that the shorts from J. Crew Factory are not as thick as the ones from J. Crew, but if you want the $19.50 price tag go for it!

3. Old Navy 
This year Old Navy has had dupes for many of the J. Crew items, including the extremely popular puffer vests! The $29.94 sailboat sweater from Old Navy has such similar nautical summer feel as the $78 dollar lobster sweater from J. Crew Factory. Like anything, if you weed through everything at a store you are likely to find one or two things you like!

4. Target
Target is a bit of a stretch, but even once and a while they have some cute sandals or bathing suits. The neutral wedges pictured above are very similar to the J. Crew Factory Espadrilles wedge at a fraction of the cost.

5. Go to Local Outlets and Check eBay
I love going to the outlets, I usually go once for back to school shopping and once for spring/summer shopping. I love going to the Tory Buch, J. Crew Factory, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade outlets! Sometimes things sell out quickly online and eBay could a last resort, I am kind of skeptical of eBay, but if you want to order I would recommend getting only NWT items and checking to make sure it is a reliable seller. (If you are looking for Lilly Pulitzer specifically, I would check out the Re-Lilly Facebook Page)

I hope this was helpful for finding deals for spring shopping! 

Preppy by the Sea 

February 26, 2014

Faux Frat- Review and GIVEAWAY

We were so thrilled to receive our adorable Faux Frat shirts in the mail today!  They're soft, great colors, and so reasonably priced.  Hannah, the owner of Faux Frat, is a part of her church group and created this company to help fund her yearly mission trips to Peru.  Congratulations Hannah for all of your hard work!

How cute is this pink and green seersucker frocket for the spring months ahead?!

This is whaley cute ;) Faux Frat also has animal appliqué options such as elephants, ducks, dogs, etc...

What girl doesn't love pink, navy, and whales on a lazy day?

Oversize t-shirts are perfect to wear with leggings!
Besides short sleeve shirts there are also sweatshirts and long sleeve shirts, wear your Faux Frat in any weather! 

34 pockets and 38 T-Shirt colors, Faux Frat is versatile and adorable with so many combinations to choose from! 
Short Sleeve- $18
Long Sleeve- $22
Sweatshirt- $25
Add a Monogram- $5

We are so in love with these shirts (and the price tag) and plan on purchasing a few this spring! 


Catherine and Julianna 

Preppy by the Sea

February 24, 2014

Keeping it Neural- Stripes and Riding Boots

We all have those days where we have no motivation to put effort into an outfit. A simple cardigan with leggings is so comfortable and effortless, add a statement necklace to complete the look on a lazy day! 

Long J. Crew cardigans are so comfortable and appear much nicer than a sweatshirt with leggings! 

A ribbon can "tie" together a simple outfit

Finally, some of the snow has melted and I can wear my riding boots! 

Make a statement with tortoise shell

What I Wore
Cardigan- J. Crew Factory Similar Here | Shirt- J. Crew | Leggings- Lululemon | Boots- Franco Sarto (Old) Similar Here | Necklace- Sparkling Sage | Belt- Came With Shorts Similar Here |


Preppy by the Sea

February 23, 2014

How to Survive a Long Flight and Airport Dilemma

On my way to California, my flight was two hours delayed in Boston and we missed our connector in San Francisco. Long story short we had to drive seven hours to the mountain after flying across the country because there were no more flights. We spent over 20 hours traveling, so I decided to write about how to deal with all the issues that come with flying.

How to Survive a Long Flight and Airport Dilemma

1. Download a Movie (or two) the Night Before
Movies are a great way to make the flight go by faster, especially if it is a long one. It is very important to download the movie the night before because some times it can be painfully slow and you want it to be all ready to go when you are on the plane. If you have an iPad I highly suggest watching the movies on that, the battery life is amazing! (I watched a movie and it only used up 4%)

2. Pack Lots of Food
This is pretty self explanatory, you will be so thankful that you packed snacks because there are not a ton of options on the plane! My favorite things to pack are pretzel crisps, an apple and something sweet (a candy bar or cookie).

3. Hydrate 
I don't know why, but flying always makes me so thirsty, dehydrated and tired. Once you get past security by a bottle of water, or bring an empty water bottle with you and fill it up at a water fountain. On most flights they offer drinks, take advantage of that and get something other thank water, I love getting a Diet Coke! Staying hydrated will make your experience so much more pleasant and you will not feel as drained by the end of the day.

4. Pack Chap Stick 
I always find myself using so much Chap Stick on the plane because my lips gets so dry. Chap Stick is something that can easily be forgotten, but it is such a necessity. If your destination is hot the sun can dry out your lips and if you are traveling somewhere cold the dry air and wind will also dry out your lips, having Chap Stick will be so nice!

5. Bring a Head Rest Pillow 
I'm actually not sure what the exact name of these pillows are but they are awesome! Try to get some sleep on the plane, you will feel rejuvenated and time will pass quickly. I know sleeping on the plane can be awkward and uncomfortable, plug in you head phones and listen to some calm music and try to fall asleep or at least try to relax.

6. Try to Stay Calm and Use the Waiting Time to Your Advantage 
At the moment when you realize you are going to miss your flight or you flight was canceled it is hard not to panic, just try to stay calm. Dilemma at the airport happens all the time, planes have mechanical issues, weather causes delays, 99% of the time everything will work out (it might just take more time than you expected). When you are stuck in the airport use the time to your advantage, I cannot stress this enough! Currently I am sitting in San Francisco for a four hour layover, I have used the time to write this blog post and a few others to post when I am busy. Waiting is such a pain, sometimes its what you have to do to have an awesome trip. In the long run all the issues will not be what you remember, but the amazing memories you made on vacation!


Preppy by the Sea 

February 22, 2014

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Clear Skies in California

After an extremely long travel day, We finally arrived in California for our ski trip to Mammoth Mountain. I could not have asked for better weather, clear skies and sunny, a lot different than what I'm used to in Vermont! Here's a look at some of the amazing views!

Never miss out on taking the perfect picture! 

Jump for joy! I love the snow and warm weather! 

Sorry about the random picture with my coat on, it got pretty windy at the top of the mountain! 

Finally, I get to wear my Bean Boots and my feet are warm! 

The views are sweet at 11,000 feet! 

Beautiful view of the Minarets 

After a long ski day, we took a trip to the scenic lake to take a few more pictures! 

60 degrees, sunny and ski weather, I'll take it! 

What I Wore
Sweater-L.L. Bean | Jeans- Joes's Jeans  | Boots- L.L. Bean | Rose Necklace- Random Boutique Similar at J. Crew Factory | Monogrammed Necklace- monogramonline.com | Socks- Gap Similar at J. Crew |


Preppy by the Sea 

February 17, 2014

Boots, Vests and Shades for Winter Vacation Days

Happy President's Day! I am so happy to finally be on vacation, here in Vermont we have gotten so much snow and the skiing has been awesome! Big après ski dinners and watching the Olympics with friends and family has been the highlight of my weekend! What Olympic events have you been enjoying?

The J. Crew vest is back! Yes, I am aware that I wear it way too often, but it is the perfect layering piece and I will definately be purchasing it in more colors next year! 

Although the temperature is quite chilly the sun was still shining, hence the Ray-Bans! 

I am not much of a Free People fan, but I decided to pull out this old shirt. I actually really love the detail on the sleeve!

I love pairing this pearl necklace from J. Crew with my monogrammed necklace, See Statement Necklace Guide for more ideas! 

Shirt- Free People (Old) | Vest- J. Crew Factory Similar Here | Jeans- 7 for all mankind | Boots- Sorel Available in black here | Pearl Necklace- J. Crew | Monogrammed Necklace- monogramonline.com | Sunglasses- Ray-Ban 


Preppy by the Sea 

February 16, 2014

Statement Necklace Guide

Hi guys, and for most of you, Happy February Vacation!  Why not start off this week-long break with a guide to statement necklaces?  Every girl needs necklaces and other jewelry to complete their outfits, and with spring right around the corner, lets take a look at the must haves!

Statement Necklace Guide

1. Tortoise Shell Flower Necklace: Catherine has this necklace, and I absolutely love it!  It's perfect for fall and winter, but I think it's color scheme is a little too dark for spring and summer.  It's adorable with a casual dress or sweater complemented by been boots or jeans (See Styling Bean Boots.)

2. Crystal Circle Statement Necklace: This necklace is good for any season, and any occasion!  The most versatile of the pictured necklaces, it can be worn with either gold or silver jewelry and matches anything from your flannel right after coming off the ski slopes, to your bright patterned summer Lilly dress.  This goes for almost all crystal necklaces, it's a piece of jewelry you'll love to wear!

3. Pearl Hammock Necklace: Both Catherine and I have this necklace and it's one of my favorites.  Pearls are definitely not as casual as some of the other necklaces on this list, but still this necklace can we worn to school, around town, or out at night as long as your outfit is appropriate.
Styling Tip: Catherine has worn this necklace with her monogram necklace together and it's such an awesome combination! Consider pearls and monograms together with all of your favorite outfits!

4. Floral Burst Necklace: This adorable necklace is meant for sprint and summer, especially in this bright coral color.  I love this necklace, but make sure when styling that either your outfit is fairly simple (not a lot of pattern) or the pattern you do have matches the color of the necklace.

5. Pointed Petal Necklace: I have this necklace from J.Crew factory and it was a great buy.  It's perfect for layering in the winter (See Game Day, the Sweater Way) but the navy and crystal jewels also would compliment a classic spring and summer outfit!  I know this necklace is sold out, but look for something with fairly small jewels with navy and crystal for a simple statement similar to this one.

6. Monogram Necklace: It's a staple of a prepsters wardrobe, a basic element to preppy and classy style.   The monogram necklace is versatile and matches almost anything!  Pick either gold or silver depending on your personal preference and what the majority of your jewelry is.

1. Bauble Bar | 2. J. Crew Factory | 3. J. Crew | 4. J. Crew Factory 5. Sold Out J.Crew Factory
6. Monograms Online

I hope this helped you to style and pick out some adorable statement necklaces!


Preppy by the Sea

February 14, 2014

Think Pink

Happy Valentines Day! No matter if you love Valentines Day, or if you hate it, it's an excuse to wear pink and eat chocolate! Pink lipstick, blush and nail polish with Kate Spade Heart earrings and a Crewcuts pearl bracelet complete the "think pink" look! 

Loving these goodies that I received from my parents, I'm ready for spring weather!

| Gingham Hat- Southern Proper | Seersucker Hat- Southern Marsh |

Preppy by the Sea 

February 13, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday- Be Mine?

I hope everyone knows what tomorrow is...VALENTINES DAY!  Whether you're a fan of this holiday, or would rather not admire the love in the air, it's an excuse to bake, eat candy, and best of all, wear pink!  Here are some fun DIY ideas that I found on Pinterest that are definitely worth a try!

Heart Shaped Cake
How awesome is this heart shaped cake; it looks so simple!  With your favorite homemade frosting, some pink food coloring and sprinkles, this cake could be a wonderful Valentine's day treat!

Heart Strawberry Candies
Ok, do these chocolate covered strawberries not look amazing?  I personally love strawberries, and chocolate makes everything better.  These fruity candies are so creative and festive; I definitely will be making these for a special treat tomorrow! Don't forget to refrigerate after making! 

Valentines Caterpillar 
These cute little heart caterpillars would be perfect to give to a little sibling, or better yet, help them make one. Just grab some pink paper and I guarantee it will be a super quick and fun project!  Consider it for a fun craft with the kids you babysit as well!  It looks so easy and cute, it's a must for tomorrow!

Style Guide
Found via The College Prepster on Pinterest

Finally, here are some last minute ideas for Valentines day style.  Tomorrow is your day to wear a ton of pink, so paint your nails bubblegum and put on that bright pink lipgloss!  Also, if you're in need of some last minutes gifts for your friends, think about a bottle of Essie in "Watermelon", a bright pink lipstick or gloss, or maybe even some cute yet still festive earrings like the ones pictured.

Did I help you love Valentines Day a little bit more?  It's your chance to be creative so... turn on the oven, pull out the crafting materials, and dig through your closet for that perfect Valentines accessory! 

Fun Fact: The first telephone was created on Valentines Day in 1876

Can you feel the love?

Preppy by the Sea

February 08, 2014

Cable-Knit Casual

Today was definitely a lazy day for me as I sat down and watched the Olympics!  I love the Winter Olympics and spend my free time watching when they are on.  Here's a casual and cute mid-winter outfit perfect for a simple Saturday!
I love to roll the bottoms of my jeans.  It adds extra flare to your outfit!

I love my duck shoes!

Sweater: Jack Wills (Similar here) | Jeans: J. Crew Factory | Bracelet: J. Crew Factory | Shoes: L.L. Bean
Happy Saturday!

Preppy by the Sea