February 27, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday- Pay Less For Preppy

This week's Thoughts For Thursday has been requested a few times, so here it is! "Preppy" clothing can be very expensive, here are a few spring essentials that I have found dupes for to keep your spring wardrobe on a budget. The C. Wonder in my town is closing and all sale items were 70% off, I got $150 leopard loafers for $28, score! Let us know what your biggest bargain is!
Preppy For Less

1. Always Look for Bargains at Places Like Rue La La, T. J. Maxx and Marshalls
I swear by Rue La La, it is by far the best flash sale website, I have purchased multiple Lilly Pulitzer dresses, jewelry and riding boots there! Julianna has such great luck at T. J. Maxx, check out the designer sections, I have scored lots of colored pants from Joe's Jeans and a Ralph Lauren bathing suit! I don't really have the best luck at Marshall's but its still worth a trip!

2. J. Crew Factory
This year I have been liking J. Crew Factory more than J. Crew, they have had such cute tops and jewelry and I just ordered a pajama set, I feel like such a blogger now;) The prices at J. Crew Factory are already amazing, but seriously I can't remember a time when there wasn't 30% off new arrivals or 40% off all clearance items! The one thing I will say is that the shorts from J. Crew Factory are not as thick as the ones from J. Crew, but if you want the $19.50 price tag go for it!

3. Old Navy 
This year Old Navy has had dupes for many of the J. Crew items, including the extremely popular puffer vests! The $29.94 sailboat sweater from Old Navy has such similar nautical summer feel as the $78 dollar lobster sweater from J. Crew Factory. Like anything, if you weed through everything at a store you are likely to find one or two things you like!

4. Target
Target is a bit of a stretch, but even once and a while they have some cute sandals or bathing suits. The neutral wedges pictured above are very similar to the J. Crew Factory Espadrilles wedge at a fraction of the cost.

5. Go to Local Outlets and Check eBay
I love going to the outlets, I usually go once for back to school shopping and once for spring/summer shopping. I love going to the Tory Buch, J. Crew Factory, Ralph Lauren and Kate Spade outlets! Sometimes things sell out quickly online and eBay could a last resort, I am kind of skeptical of eBay, but if you want to order I would recommend getting only NWT items and checking to make sure it is a reliable seller. (If you are looking for Lilly Pulitzer specifically, I would check out the Re-Lilly Facebook Page)

I hope this was helpful for finding deals for spring shopping! 

Preppy by the Sea 

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