May 30, 2014

Wild About White

First of all, is it just me or has May flown by? I can not believe this weekend it will be June! Anyways, because Monday was Memorial Day, It is finally socially acceptable to wear white and I am thrilled! Massachusetts is not particularly warm in the spring, so I am a stickler for this fashion rule and do not wear my white jeans/shorts/dresses etc. before Memorial Day. What are your thoughts on this one? Here are a few of my favorite whites of the season. 

White shoes are so practical for the Summer because they literally match everything. I have a pair of wedges very similar to the adorable C. Wonder ones pictured above and they look great with a simple navy dress or with a crazy Lilly Pulitzer Pattern. The eyelet detailing and ankle tie on this pair is definitely swoon worthy :) On a more practical level, I am loving the all white Jack Rogers!

Another Summer staple is a white dress, see our post from last summer, A Summer Night in Our Favorite Whites here! If you are looking for a graduation dress I love this Lilly one and the gold detailing makes it so unique. 

White jeans are the make the perfect outfit on a chilly night or to a casual summer party. Last summer I found the perfect pair from True Religion on sale at Nordstrom Rack, I also love the way the J. Crew tooth pick pants fit. J. Crew's chino shorts are my all time favorite, I suggest purchasing the 3 or 4" ones from J. Crew not the Factory because they are thicker and better quality. I never order white bottoms online, I think you need to try them on to make sure that they are not see through. 

Although white shirts are not limited to just summertime, I thought I would include them. White shirts are prefect to pair with pattern shorts and skirts. I am absolutely obsessed with the scalloped oxford from Kiel James Patrick, it is a little bit more fun than a plain white shirt.

Baseball Hat 
I purchased a baseball hat last year from Marley Lilly with a navy monogram and it goes with everything. I love wearing mine to the beach, golfing and running. 

What are your favorite summer whites?


Preppy by the Sea

May 26, 2014

A Day of Remembrance

Many of us enjoy Memorial Day weekend as a nice escape from school and a glimpse at the lazy days of summer that are nearing.  But, the primary importance of this weekend is to honor the men and women who have given their lives to protect our nation and the freedom it provides to all citizens. 

This past Saturday, Catherine and I visited a National Cemetery to place American Flags on the graves of veterans who had been buried there.  At this cemetery, their is a volunteer program in which many people gather here Memorial Day weekend to place American flags at each of the near 60,000 graves.  With the help of dedicated volunteers, every grave at this cemetery has a flag symbolizing our gratitude for the contributions our veterans made in protecting our nation.  Although Catherine and I only made a small contribution to this effort, it goes to show that by working together people can truly do incredible things.  Catherine and I were moved by the efforts of the volunteers and were so pleased that we were able to honor our veterans by doing something so positive for our community.  The satisfaction I gained from helping is beyond what I can explain.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and has found some (small) way to honor and thank those who have gone to war.

Julianna and Catherine

Preppy by the Sea 

May 25, 2014

Backyard Views and Summer Hues

 For the long weekend I went down to my beach house and could not be more excited to be back. Although the weather has not been ideal, I have had a great weekend! Today, I went to the In the Pink store and purchased this "Jellies be Jammin'" dress! This dress is definitely my most practical Lilly dress, It can be easily dressed up or dressed down. I am thinking about purchasing the Pink Skinny Bow Tie Belt for a more dressy look. Thank goodness for warmer weather, I have missed wearing bright colors and patterns! 

Cotton shift dresses are very practical when you are in a rush, throw on a simple necklace, your favorite sandals and you're ready to go with almost no effort!

The lighting this afternoon was absolutely perfect! 

I have a slight obsession with Jack Rogers, I have four pairs, but these were my first pair and remain my favorite. In the Summer, pink is basically a neutral color in my wardrobe so they go with almost everything! 

dress- Lilly Pulitzer | sandals- Jack Rogers | monogrammed necklace- Etsy


Preppy by the Sea

May 24, 2014

Sea Breeze, Smiles, and Patriotic Style

I love long weekends, especially Memorial Day, because it means that summer is finally nearing.  I can now wear white jeans, shorts are a must as the weather is getting warmer, and the days are longer and better overall! Most importantly, we all come together with a sense of patriotism to honor those that we have lost for the purpose of protecting our freedom…but more about that will come in our post on Monday.  I think that my outfit is fairly patriotic today with the red and blue, all the more reason to share it!

I'm loving these new croakies from Lilly.  Who has been enjoying Lilly's prints from the Spring and Summer collections?  I know I have!

Two of my favorite accessories in one picture!

And of course, what's a warm weather blog post without my Jack Rogers?  I recently bought this pair and I can't express how adorable and versatile they are; I love them!

Shirt: J. Crew Factory | Shorts: J. Crew | Necklace: J. Crew Factory (similar) | Bracelet: C. Wonder | Shoes: Jack Rogers

What are your favorite spring to summer transitional styles?  Share outfit ideas, styling tips, or any new trends you are loving in the comments!


Preppy by the Sea

May 21, 2014

Stationary Savvy

Today I was cleaning out my desk and realized that I have a legitimate addiction to stationary, so naturally I had to write a post about some of my favorites and a few that I am currently loving! I partially blame my stacks of stationary on the fact that I have attended a sleep away camp for years and letters are our only way of communication to friends and family. I leave in exactly one month from today, so I decided it would be the perfect day to post this. Although letter writing is not exactly part of our everyday lives, it is always nice to receive a hand written thank you note or a nice, unexpected card in the mail. Stationary has a wide range in prices, but no matter the budget I guarantee you will find something adorable. If you are looking for something very inexpensive, I suggest checking out the dollar section at target, that's where I picked up the scalloped set and the blue and pink ones. For a more personalized set of stationary I am loving these monogrammed Lilly Pulitzer and these classic navy and white cards from The Stationary Studio! If you have found any great stationary recently leave a comment below, I am always looking for more to add to my extensive collection! 


Preppy by the Sea 

May 18, 2014

Shake it Up

Recently, both Julianna and I have been getting into smoothies. Not only are smoothies delicious and so good for you, but they are also super easy to make. To be quite honest, the thought of drinking this green juice did not sound particularly appealing to me at first, however when I tried one it actually was not half bad! Today, I am sharing two of my favorite combinations.

  • Freeze the kale and spinach, it makes it easier to blend, keeps the drink cold and makes the taste a little less strong
  • Use Greek yogurt instead of regular yogurt, it makes the smoothie thicker and is much more healthy 
Smoothie 1- Greens, Peaches and Banana

What you will need
Orange Juice
Greek Yogurt
Protein Powder
1 Banana

This smoothie is loaded with protein, Calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Potassium and Iron 

Smoothie 2- Blueberry Banana
If you are not ready to take on the green smoothie than this is the one for you. Although there is still kale in this drink, the blueberries get rid of the green color and add some sweetness. Spinach has a much more distinct taste, by removing this you eliminate that "vegetable taste". 

What you will need
Orange Juice
Greek Yogurt
1 Banana 

We have the Ninja Blender which is awesome because it has single serve cups. I feel like when ever we made drinks in the past we would end up throwing a ton away, but with this you can make the perfect amount for you. 

Leave a comment below about your favorite smoothie combinations, we would love some more ideas!


Preppy by the Sea

May 17, 2014

Poolside Prep

Today, Catherine and I enjoyed a relaxing day at our friend's house.  We did not go swimming today (still a little bit too early around here) but instead spent the day laying in the sun and taking fun blog pictures!

First off, our OOTD's.  Both casual and cute looks for spring with the aqua and pink pops of color adding flare to these outfits.

I'm in love with Catherine's shorts! They are perfect for spring and summer!

How awesome does this pool look.  Looking back, I kinda wish that I went for a swim today. 

Last but most definitely not least…

Am I correct to say this is one of our funniest candid photos yet? If you haven't yet laughed today I hope this photo changed that!

Julianna's outfit
Top: J. Crew | Necklace: Crew Cuts (Similar) | Shorts: J. Crew

Catherine's Outfit
Top: J. Crew Factory | Shorts: J. Crew Factory | Shoes: Jack Rogers

Julianna and Catherine

Preppy by the Sea

May 15, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday- Playing With Patterns

This year, I feel like styling patterns on patterns seems to be the trend and I actually really love it! Who says stripes and polka dots don't match? Forget the fashion rules we were all taught when we were little because this Spring it's time to play with patterns. A gingham button down shirt is one of my go-to items in my closet. In the winter they were perfect with a fair isle sweater and for the spring and summer they look adorable with Lilly shorts and striped skirts. In the Spring and Summer I definitely find myself wearing a lot more patterns and I am very excited to style them a little bit differently this year and get out of my comfort zone. 

Playing With Patterns

Outfit 1: pants | shirt | sandals | belt | earrings
Outfit 2: shirt | skirt | flats | necklace | bangle
Outfit 3: shirt | shorts | flats | necklace | watch

I made this Polyvore over a month ago so I apologize if any of the items are sold out!

What do you think about pattern mixing?


Preppy by the Sea

May 09, 2014

When Life Gives You Lemons

It is that time of year again, we are all so done with school and there could not be any more tests and any less sleep. Let's face it, for most of us there is a good chance that life is giving us lemons. Instead of making lemonade, I would love to "inZEST" in some Kate Spade. I don't know what it is about this collection, but I love it! If you watch Hart of Dixie, doesn't this collection remind you of Lemon Breeland? Not only does this remind me of her because her name is Lemon, but this is 100% her style in a Kate Spade collection (especially the dress)! I have totally fallen in love with the scarf and it would be the perfect pop of color to any Spring or Summer outfit! 

Preppy by the Sea: When Life Gives You Lemons

Dress | Scarf | Shoes | Tote Bag | Clutch | Coin Purse | Charm Bracelet | Key Chain

What are your favorite lemon items from this Kate Spade Collection?


Preppy by the Sea

May 06, 2014

Warby Parker Summer 2014 Collection

Today, Warby Parker released their Summer 2014 Collection and here we are sharing our thoughts about the products. In addition to making incredible eyewear, Warby Parker donates a pair of glasses to a person in need for every pair purchased through their non-profit partners. Not only will you feel fabulous in your new frames, but you can all feel great about helping someone in need. We think of this as such a kind gesture coming from a wonderful company! The Summer Collection has nine new shapes and four new colors. Whether you are looking for a more classic frame or you want to make a statement this summer, there is definitely something here for everyone! All glasses start at $95. If you look through the website and find a few pairs that you love, good news, Warby Parker has free shipping and a Home Try On. With the at Home Try On, you select five pairs of glasses that you think best suit you and your style, they ship them to you and you get five days to try them on, wear them, and make your decision.  After completing the process, order your favorites and finally, ship your five pairs back for free! Does customer service get any better? Anyways, let's get to the Summer Collection! 

Raglan Pearled Tortoise
Words cannot describe how much we love this pair of sunglasses, they are bold and fun for the summer, but still, maintain a classic and clean look. Tortoiseshell is such an iconic sunglass print that is timeless and perfect for any season or occasion. 

Raglan Revolver Black
If you are not into tortoise and want something simple, these would be the perfect go-to shades for this summer!

Cliff Striped Olive 
The thick frame on these glasses definitely makes them a statement piece, but they would be fun to style especially with your hair up- maybe in a messy bun. 

Upton Oak Barrel 
These simple glasses would be appealing to all ages; a classic pair that will never go out of style! 

Haskell Burnt Lemon Tortoise 
The Haskell glasses give an artsy vibe that is super unique. They're definitely not something you see frequently and I guarantee you would get a lot of compliments wearing this style. We love the thin frame and of course the tortoiseshell. 

Lyle Hanalei Tortoise 
These glasses are a bit edgier and show the variety of glasses found in the Summer collection. 

These are just a few glasses from Warby Parker's new collection, check out their website to see everything that has been released to find your favorites! 

What do you think about the new collection?  Will you be purchasing a pair of these chic and timeless glasses? Let us know your thoughts!

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea

We were contacted by Warby Parker to Review their Summer 2014 Collection, however, all opinions are our own. 

May 04, 2014

Sail Boats and Sunshine

After a crazy week back at school, I finally have time to finish this post that has been saved as a draft for quite a while! Our last night on vacation was so nice, we enjoyed a delicious dinner and beautiful ocean views. Despite the fact that I was incredibly burned and my hair was wet, I loved getting to wear my new sailboat dress and walk the beach with my family. Hoping for some weather above 60 degrees soon and let the countdown to summer begin, only 6 weeks to go!

The boardwalk and the beach, does it get any better? I am so exited for long beach days followed by fun summer nights. 

Navy and gold is one of my favorite combinations through out the year 

You can never go wrong with a pair of Jacks!



Dress- Crewcuts Factory | Sandals- Jack Rogers | Monogrammed Necklace- Etsy


Preppy by the Sea

May 01, 2014

Tastefully Teal

As you can probably see, teal is one of my favorite spring and summer colors.  I feel as though even though it is very bright and a statement color in itself, it matches a lot of patterns and other bright spring and summer colors. Without further ado, here are some adorable teal items that we can look forward to wearing this summer!
Tastefully Teal
1. Madewell | 2. Sperry Top-Sider | 3. J. Crew | 4. Kate Spade | 5. Vineyard Vines | 6. Southern Tide | 7. Kate Spade | 8. Vineyard Vines | 9. Tiffany & Co. | 10. Tory Burch | 11. J. Crew | 12. Jack Rogers

It's the final stretch! Two more months and it will be summer (and the perfect season to wear teal)!


Preppy by the Sea