March 31, 2015

March Playlist

Who else is a little sick of the same four or five songs being played over and over again on the radio? This current lack of diversity in the music world has inspired me to listen to some of my older favorites again. For me, a lot of the music I've been listening to has come from Maroon 5's "It Won't Be Soon Before Long" album from a few years ago. The songs are easy to listen to while doing homework, but equally catchy as they double as good tunes to belt out in the shower. Sarah Bareilles has been another major player on my playlist for the month. I guess I never realized how good her songs and voice were until March of this year; I've really been missing out! I definitely tried to find songs that didn't make me want to change the station as soon as they came on. So far I've succeeded as I've been listening to the same playlist for a few weeks now and love many of the songs more now than when I first started playing them on repeat. 

Have any good songs you can't get enough of?

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March 30, 2015

Sunnies + Stripes

Hello Spring! Guys I think it is finally happening, the snow is melting and temperatures are rising... spring is in the air! I am beyond excited to have put away my riding boots and chunky sweaters in exchange for my trusty old Sperrys and bright button downs! When it comes to sunglasses I have one nice pair of Ray-Ban aviators, I was willing to spend more on them because I know they will never go out of style. However, when it comes to fun and trendy sunglasses I am so, so cheap. Last summer I purchased a fun pair of cat eye ones for about $20 at Nordstrom Rack. I have been seeing lots of bloggers styling the Ray-Ban club master but I was not about to drop $160 on a trendy pair of sunnies. I was browsing through J. Crew Factory and stumbled upon the perfect dupe for only $14! I know I will get lots of wear out of them and my bank account will thank me. Would you splurge or save on this style? 

Shirt- C. Wonder (out of business) similar | jeans- Joe's Jeans | shoes- Sperry | watch- Kate Spade | sun glasses- J. Crew Factory


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March 29, 2015

Websites I Love

Everyone has those websites they check whenever they sit-down at a computer. Whether it's a blog (see this post), a favorite online shopping site, or anything in between, I go on my favorite sites at least once a day. It's no secret to anyone who reads this blog that I'm addicted to clothes, therefore online shopping is something that seems to have worked its way into my daily routine. Pinterest is a no brainer; adding stuff to my boards brings me to my happy place. Yet, maybe some of my picks are sites you haven't heard of and definitely should check out.

J. Crew Factory
I think it would be accurate to say that 50% of my wardrobe is from J. Crew Factory. I love the versatility of many of their items as most of my pieces can transition from season to season. I'm also a lover of any good sale, and much of the time you can make it out of J. Crew Factory with a ton of stuff for a very reasonable price. It honestly is the perfect store!

Old Navy
Speaking of sales, there is no better bargain than Old Navy. Prices are super affordable, everything fits really well, and their clothes, especially this year's spring line, are generally stylish and chic. Almost always you can find a coupon code for 30 or more percent off and the sales change frequently; it's worth it to check daily!

I'm so obsessed with Pinterest its crazy. If I'm procrastinating, I go on Pinterest. If I'm bored, I go on Pinterest. You get the point. While I may not be as avid a pinner as some others (aka Catherine) I'm telling you I spend a good chunk of my free time browsing through categories and looking at other people's pins. If you so choose, take a look at my boards here.

TV Line
This is my wildcard site that maybe a lot of you guys haven't heard of. I love television and I watch several shows that air during weeknights. Yet sometimes if a miss an episode or just did not understand what was going on, I'll go on TV Line where there are recaps that explain whatever I missed. The contributing writers of this site will also often have interviews with actors that star in some of my favorite shows which can be entertaining to watch.

Granted this really isn't a website I visit everyday, but a daily email I swear by, so in that sense it belongs in this post. My friends and I agree that the daily Skimm newsletter effectively combines humor and factual writing so you comprehend the right amount of information on current events. If you don't subscribe to theSkimm yet, believe me, it's time to jump on the bandwagon.

Do any of my favorite sites double as yours?

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March 28, 2015

Lilly Pulitzer for Target

As many of you probably know, Target announced that it would being doing a line with Lilly Pulitzer for the spring a few months ago. On Thursday they released a preview of the products that will be available to purchase as of April 19th. There is a wide variety of products from women's (and plus size), kids, home, accessories and beauty products all available in bold summer patterns! I think that they did a really great job with the collection and love most of the prints. Although I am thrilled to be able to purchase a Lilly dress for $36, I do have a few questions and hesitations about the line. I think that this will definitely benefit Target and is also a nice way to provide a more affordable line of Lilly Pulitzer, but for Lilly I'm not sure how smart of a move this was. The brand is known for their classic patterns and iconic preppy look worn by style icons such as Jackie Kennedy. I wore lots of Lilly shift dresses when I was little, then they were not as successful and within the past five-ish they have really made a comeback. People are loyal to the brand and are willing to pay $200+ for their clothing, but now for a limited time they will not have to.  Secondly, for only $36 or less for a dress I am wondering what the quality will be like. Despite my few minor hesitations, I am super excited to try out the line and can't wait for April 19. What are your thoughts on this collaboration? Will the release crash the Target website like the Endless Summer Sale? What are your favorite items? Happy Saturday!


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March 27, 2015

Friday Favorites

To be blunt, I basically failed as a blogger this week. I posed on Instagram twice and there has not been any type of outfit post in quite some time- apologies for that! This week, we started golf practice which is currently being held at the middle school library... Due to all of the snow they have officially run out of places for all the sports to practice so this is what it comes to. Obviously this is not ideal but it is quite comical. In addition to this, I went to the gym almost everyday this week which is definitely an accomplishment. Anyways, here is what I love/ what has been going on this week! 

One: Skiing
Last weekend, my family drove up to Vermont for our final weekend of skiing. Every week the 4+ hour trek up north can get exhausting, but one we are up there it is always a blast! This was one of the coldest winters we have had in a long time, so unfortunately I did not come close to the amount of days I usually ski. It is nice to finally be able to stay home on the weekends, I will now be able to have more time to hang out with friends and take blog pictures! All thoughts on Spring from here on out!

Two: New Jack Rogers
It is no secret that I love Jack Rogers. I had a platinum pair but honestly never really loved them. I logged on to eBay and surprisingly they sold! Who knew there was a market for used sandals, but hey I'll take a little extra cash to put towards a new pair. I love the silver and finally purchased them through Country Club Prep, they have all different coupon codes and you can always get 20% off. Now I am eagerly awaiting spring break so I can break them in!

Three: Denim
I have been wearing jeans a lot this week. We have reached that time of year where it is time to put the corduroys away but it is still a bit early to pull out the pastel pants. With all the rain we have been experiencing, I have no motivation to put on a dress or a skirt, so jeans it is. I love this light wash pair from J. Crew Factory, they are perfect to transition from winter to spring! 


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March 26, 2015


shorts | tote | dress | bathing suit | flats | watch | sweater | card holder | bangle | shirt

If there is one "trend" that I want to never go out of style it would 100% be scalloped detailing. Today, I rounded up a few of my favorites that I have recently stumbled upon. Last year I purchased the navy scalloped J. Crew Factory dress and have worn it to death. This year, they released a very similar version and I highly suggest adding it to your closet! I also have a pair of the Lilly Pulitzer Buttercup shorts and am swooning over the flamingo print for this summer! The detailing on any piece adds a cute touch to a simple look. What are your thoughts on scallops?


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March 24, 2015

Crisp & Simple

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

My preferred method of procrastination is trying on clothes and or organizing clothes. I don't know about you but in my mind halfway through some thrilling math problems, the most logical thing to do is put on a summer dress and heels. The other day I was going through my spring and summer clothes and realized I have a slight obsession with white tops. As I said in my Spring Lust List, a white shirt is one of the most important basic for any season. Especially in the warmer months, I find myself wearing lots of patterned and colorful bottoms that just look best with a simple white top. There are so many different variations of the white shirt this year. J. Crew is killing it with the fun detailing. I am loving the peplum for a fun and girlie look and the v neck ponte top would be perfect for a nice dinner maybe with white jeans for the all white look. What are your thoughts on white tops?

Preppy by the Sea 

March 23, 2015

Eye Don't Know

One of the first weeks of school my history teacher announced that we would be having a pop quiz. He passed out paper and put all of the questions on the board. I had done the reading and was totally prepared, there was just one little issue, I could not see the questions. I have had 20/20 vision my entire life and never had any issues. My dad has bad eyes so I knew there was a chance that I would too but didn't think I would. A few weeks later I went to the eye doctor and found out that I needed glasses. Once they figure out your prescription, there are two path you can take, contacts or glasses. I wear contacts to school everyday, but have a pair of glasses that I wear on the weekends and at night. I looked at all the frames that they had to offer there and didn't like any of them, so I set out on quest to find the perfect pair. 

Finding the frame for you

+ Look for styles you like 
I knew that I wanted glasses with a tortoise shell frame. I had seen Carly wear a pair similar to the ones I have and loved them. Once you pinpoint the style you like check different shops and websites.

+Try them on
Even if there are pictures of a model wearing the frames you like online they may look completely different on you. I know Warby Parker has a great free at-home try-on program, personally, I did not use this but I have heard great thing about them from people who have. 

+Finally, Order the pair you love
I ended up getting this pair called "The Rebecca" from Kate Spade. These are actually reading glasses, so when they arrived I took them to my eye doctor and they replaced the lenses with my proper prescription. 

The Ins and Outs of Contacts 

I knew that I primarily wanted to wear contacts the moment I knew I got my eyes checked. Obviously, this is a personal preference, however, I think that they are so much more convenient. My eye doctor makes you stay there until you can get them in and out 5 times which was SO helpful because let me tell you putting in contacts for the first time is the definition of the struggle. I probably poked myself in the eye a good 10 times and my eyes were watering like crazy, but once I figured it out it was a piece of cake. Contacts are awesome, once they are in, they're in. You don't have to worry about losing glasses or getting them scratched and you can see perfectly. Also, for driving purposes, they make life so much less complicated. If you want to wear sunglasses you can and you don't have to buy new prescription pairs and you don't have to constantly remember to bring your glasses every time you drive. I think that they are really great for sports as well because let's be real do you want to wear glasses while running up and down a field, probably not. Anyways, that's my little Monday spiel on eyes. Do you wear glasses or contacts? 

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March 20, 2015

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday everyone! Sorry that there was no post on Thursday, I really wanted to get an outfit post up but did not have the time I thought I would. I feel like I was in a serous "rut" for the past few weeks and have finally come out the other side! This past week has been much lighter than the past few, as I have completed many of the long term projects that were causing me lots of stress! I have been getting very excited for spring and have done quite a bit of shopping recently. I got a new pair of Jack Rogers in silver and  this adorable gingham bathing suit! Have you been doing any spring shopping?

One: Lunch With Friends 
This past weekend I went out to lunch and then shopping with a few of my friends. I had the most delicious salad at B. Good, it had chicken, apples, cranberries, squash and spinach with a maple vinaigrette dressing. Also, their rosemary lemonade is to die for! 

Two: This Dress
I have been lusting over this dress for quite sometime now and finally just purchased it when J. Crew Factory had one of their great sales! I am low key obsessed with the royal blue color. I would consider the dress itself is very "strappy yet sophisticated". It will be perfect for hot summer nights with a cute pair of wedges or throw on a cardigan to make it a little more conservative. 

Two: Loafers
I talk about the weather way too much on the blog, seriously it's an issue. If you look back at all my posts, I guarantee that I will mention the temperature in at least 70% of them. Anyways, I am about to do it again. March is such an awkward month (at least in Massachusetts), I am so done with bean boots but it will be a while until I can wear jacks again. I think that a cute pair of loafers are the perfect pick for this transition time. J. Crew Factory and Old Navy have so many cute and affordable pairs! 


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March 18, 2015

Spring in Your Step

one | two | three | four | five | six

During the fall and winter time I rarely find myself wearing heels of any sort. I have a basic pair of black pumps, the same ones in nude and black wedges. I really only get to wear them on Thanksgiving, to Christmas parties and if I am heading out to a nice dinner. Like most girls, I love wearing a good pair of heels or wedges. I am 5'6" which is by no means short but adding an extra 4" for the night is always fun! Let's be real, you're lying to yourself if you don't feel somewhat bad ass walking down the streets in the city in your favorite heels! I am always looking to add a few new pairs to my collection each year. Last year I purchased these chunky heels from Old Navy for about $20 and wore them to death. At the end of the summer, I splurged on these in navy at the Lilly Pulitzer sale! I am really trying to get better at saving my money this year and have actually been fairly successful. However, if I was in a spending mood I would love, love, love to get these wedges from Tory Burch, but the $325 price tag is just not justifiable. What are your favorite heels? Are you planning on splurging on a pair for this Spring or Summer?


Preppy by the Sea 

March 17, 2015

Beach Fever (Part 2)

A little over a week ago I did a post with some of my favorite bathing suits for the season (see it here). While you're guaranteed to have a cute bathing suit for when your swimming or laying in the sun, it's just as important to have a cute cover-up, sandals, hat and everything in between. Just like with the bathing suits, I've seen a lot of cute and relatively inexpensive beachwear items in many of my favorite stores. My personal favorites have to be the hats. I love floppy hats and wear one almost every time I go to the beach. I'm so excited to see the different colors and styles that have been introduced this year; I'm sure to add a few more to my collection. Another new trend I'm loving is wearing black to the beach. I think a cute black dress over a bathing suit is absolutely adorable, and I've always loved black strappy sandals. Finally, while I'm sure many of you have your nice sunglasses that you wear consistently, why not change it up with some cute shades that you can pull out when you're just not feeling your usual look.  


Preppy by the Sea

March 16, 2015

Spring Break Essentials

My spring break is not until April, however I know that many people have it in March and I wanted to get this post up sooner rather than later! I am beyond ready to get to warmer weather and finally have salty hair and sandy feet again. I am so fortunate to have grown up on a town on the water so I'm pretty sure the ocean runs in my blood, but the lovely beaches in Massachusetts just will not cut it in April. Luckily, my family and I are headed to Florida to get away from all the snow and soak up the sun. Last year, my Spring Break post received great feedback so I though I would do an updated one for 2015. I am the queen of overpacking, especially when it comes to spring break because the weather can often times be unpredictable. Often times at night the weather is a bit cooler and it is important to bring some warmer clothes. Anyways, let's get into my packing priorities! 

Dresses are seriously the best thing that you can pack, they take up half the space that an outfit would in your suitcase and they can be dressed up or dressed down. I am one to get very burnt after really be exposed to the sun for the first time in months which can get very painful. Having a loose fitting dress will irate your skin far less than tight shorts or fitted tops. 

Sunglasses are one of those items that can be easily forgotten. It is so easy to space out on grabbing your sunnies when you leave your house at 5 am in the dark to catch a flight. Make sure to toss them in your carryon the night before because not having a pair when sitting on the beach to having to buy a pair when you get there is such a pain! 

I would say 70% of my vacation is spent in an oversized tee shirt. They are so easy to throw on over a bating suit to head down to the beach or pool. I like to wear a men's medium or large so they are comfy and super baggy!

I use my beach bag as my carry on for my flight and then make the switch when I get to the beach. Only bringing one tote is so much more practical and saves space in your suitcase for more clothes. If you are looking for a good beach bag check out L.L. Bean, Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines or Longchamp.

Bring a pair of sandals that you can dress up or dress down. I always bring a pair of Jack Rogers. 

I am loving these elastic waist shorts from J. Crew Factory. They are so easy to slip on and they have so many different colors. I also would suggest bringing a pair of jean shorts and chinos. 

When I go to the beach or to the pool I don't want to wreck my nice sandals so I always pack a pair of rubber flip flops. You can pick up a pair at old navy for $2.50 (not joking) or you could opt for a nicer pair like these from Tory Burch.

As I mentioned before, the weather (even in super tropical places) can get cool at night. I highly recommend packing a cute sweater to wear with shorts or a cardigan to throw over your dress. Even if it does not get cool at night, some restaurants have the AC cranked up and it can be freezing! 

Pack a shirt that you know you can wear a few times. I like to plan the outfit I wear to the airport so that I can wear some of it again once I get there. Last year I wore a blue and white striped blouse, it worked well with jeans that I wore to travel in and also with shorts later on in my trip.

Obviously bathing suits are a necessity for spring break. I find that packing a few suits that you can mix and match really expands your options and makes packing more efficient. Check out Julianna's post about her favorite bikini picks for the season. Ps- I just purchased this cover up and I love it (plus its under $30!) 

Nike shorts are perfect to wear to the beach. They dry quickly so no worries about putting them on over a wet bathing suit. Dick's Sporting Goods has SO many different color combinations to choose from if you are looking for some new pairs! 

What are your essentials for spring break?

Preppy by the Sea 

March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites

I know that I have been saying this a lot recently in my past few Friday Favorites posts, but this week was so busy! I have had a ton of tests, a project and a research paper outline due along with a debate in history. Also, our course recommendations for next year came out this week which is alway stressful. Thankfully I am happy with my courses for next year, although I know it will be a challenge! Needless to say I am beyond ready for the weekend! Despite the hours I spend coped up in my room doing homework, the weather hit 61 degrees this week and thankfully I got outside to enjoy the sun! This weekend I am planning on going to the hockey game for my school because they are going to states which should be fun! 

Although it is definitely not summer dress weather, I have been lusting over this dress! Three Islands was so kind and sent us a lovely package with some pieces from their new collection. Once the weather warms up expect an outfit post styling some of their clothing! BTW if any of you are on spring break right now I am beyond jealous. I'm honestly not sure if I can make it to April before I get to go sit on the beach! 

Two: Elements of Spring
If you saw this post from earlier this week than you probably know that I have been trying to transition some of my outfits to brighter spring style. I love tulips and these bright yellow ones are perfect! Quick tip: add a colorful scarf to a simple outfit to add a pop of color for these transition months!

Three: Organization
I posted a bathroom tour & organization post and people seemed to real like it which was exciting! Before I took all of my pictures I completely cleaned out my bathroom and it is so much more organized now! I am definitely in a spring cleaning mood and take on little tasks each week. Let me know if you would like to see a spring cleaning tips post! 

Happy weekend! 


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March 12, 2015

Workout Routine & Essentials

Recently, I joined a local gym and have actually going quite frequently. Going from cross country practice everyday during the fall to practically no activity during the winter just made me feel so disgusting. I feel so much better when I exercise both physically and mentally. After a good workout I am more inclined to be positive, productive and eat healthy. In the Spring I play on my school's golf team which I absolutely love, however if 85 year old men can do it there is not much of a workout to it. As the weather warms up I will most likely run outside more than at the gym, however it is still a great place to use all the machines and vary up your routine. 

The Essentials 

Staying hydrated before, during and after workout is crucial. There is absolutely nothing worse than working really hard and then feeling dizzy and light headed because you have not been drinking any water. 

+Headphones & Phone 
I don't know about you guys, but I can't workout without music. I love using spotify to create the perfect playlist that is upbeat and motivating. Cranking up the music gives me a boost of energy and is also nice to cover up the sound of heavy breathing. 

By bringing a wallet of some sort with you you will have a place to keep your gym card and the chances of you forgetting it will be much slimmer. Also, if you wanted to you could keep some spare cash in it incase you forgot a water or needed a snack afterwards. Wristlets are great if you drive because you can also have your keys and license in one place and won't forget them.

A pair of sneakers can seriously make or break your workout. Make sure you have a good pair that you know will be comfortable and offer good support. As I have said before, I love my Asics Gel Nimbus 16 running sneakers!

My Workout Routine 

Each time I got to they gym, my routine is slightly different however the majority of it is constant. I usually go for an hour, the first 30-40 minutes I do cardio and the last 20-30 I do ab and leg exercises. 

For my cardio routine, I like to use a few different machines depending on my mood. Most of the time I run for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then if I have time will erg for 10 minutes. I have recently been doing the stationary bike for 20 minutes which is a great quad workout and then switching and doing either the elliptical or treadmill for another 20 minutes. 

I have written about my ab workout before but will go over it again in this post! You definitely don't need to go to the gym for these, in fact if I don't go I will do this routine for 8 minutes before I shower at night. I do 15-20 repetitions of each exercise. Initially, I start off with sit-ups, then penguins, crunches, scullers crunches, leg lowers, bikers crunches, twists (I add a 6 pound medicine ball when I do these), one minute of plank and 15 seconds on each side of side plank. 

For legs I use 8 pound weights and start off with lunges and squats. After I have finished this, if there is wall space available I like to do a minute of wall sits. My leg routine is much shorter because I feel that running and the stationary bike are already a great leg workout. 

If I have time at the end I will do a few different weight exercises to build up my upper body strength.  I vary this each time so I would go on Pinterest to find a great weight routine! 

Finally, the the most relaxing and probably most import part of a workout! I do a few quick stretches before I start, but majority of it is at the end. There are so many great different stretches and this will change depending on what muscles you worked the hardest during your workout. I usually stretch for about 10 minutes! 

What are you favorite workout routines, I would love to hear any suggestions?


Preppy by the Sea 

March 11, 2015

Pop of Color

Apologies for the out of focus photos, my mom struggled with manual focus...

sweater- J. Crew Factory (sold out) similar | scarf- Vineyard Vines similar | watch- Kate Spade | Jeans- J. Crew Factory | bag- Old Navy (old) similar | shoes- Old Navy (old) similar | sunglasses- Ray Ban

March is just such an awkward month, winter is sort of coming to an end, however it is not exactly spring. During this month, I like to transition by adding a pop of color with a cozy sweater. I fell in love with this scarf and was able to snag it on clearance! Last year I purchased my first pair of light wash jeans and they are such a great staple for this time of year. There are so many great little ways to add elements of spring to a warm outfit. Although your feet may not be warm, start to transition from riding and bean boots to flats and loafers. This year Old Navy and J. Crew Factory have tons of fun patterned loafers that would add the perfect pop to any outfit! I have also taken out my brighter shades of nail polish, my favorite being Essie's watermelon! How do you transition from winter to spring?


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March 09, 2015

Bathroom Tour & Organization

I love this cabinet, it is very compact but is great for storing makeup, extra shampoo etc. 

I love mason jars and they are so practical for basically anything. I added some cute green ribbon to them and then put in floss, cotton pad things for removing nail polish and Q-tips. Everything is readily accessible and looks so much nicer than the ugly plastic bags that they come in. 

Here is just a preview of what I keep in the drawers. This one holds my favorite nail polishes and some extra makeup bags. 

On the top shelf I keep my makeup brushes in a nantucket basket, some lotion, nail polish remover, my glasses and extra contact solution. 

On the shelf above my sink I just have face cream, some more nail polish and toothbrushes. 

Also above the sink is contact stuff, makeup remover and some makeup. I am really not a huge makeup person and pretty much just wear mascara, chapstick and concealer. 

I always keep a headband by the sink for when I wash my face or do my makeup. 

In my shower I have a little organizer that hangs from the shower head. I use Pantene shampoo and conditioner. If you are looking for a good body wash get the Aveeno white peach and ginger, it smells amazing! 

I love the fixtures in the shower. The faucet was original and there was no way I was going yo get rid of it! 

We have matching Claire Murray fish rugs at both ends of the bathroom. I also have a full length mirror on one of the doors... definitely not an insta worthy OOTD #behindtheblog

This past summer my sister and I redid our bathroom. My house is a very old cape and my parents wanted to keep the preexisting structure and not gut the entire thing. We both knew that we wanted something fun, bright and colorful but not too crazy that I would not go with the rest of the house. Originally, the bathroom only had a tub, so we tiled up the walls in white subway tiles and added a shower. We kept the sink the same and had a new sink skirt made. We purchased a Lilly Pulitzer shower curtain and took it to a local seamstress and had her make it into the sink skirt. The shower curtain is probably not everyone's style, but I love the bright monogram against the white. We got a new toilet (super exciting I know) and the new cabinet thing. By adding a few simple changes, we were able to achieve the perfect little bathroom! Have you redone your bathroom recently? Let me know if you liked this kind of post, as I would be up to do others! 


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March 08, 2015

Beach Fever (Part 1)

one | two | three | four | five | six

I don't know about you guys but I am beyond ready to be done with winter. Maybe it's spring break on my mind, or maybe I just can't stand the feeling of having snow in my shoes anymore, but either way I cannot wait to go to go swimming at the beach again. Growing up a mile from the ocean in New England, I've always had a thing for sunshine and salt water. The beach is without doubt my happy place thus some of my favorite shopping trips are to buy things that I can wear while my toes are in the water. I love everything about beach wear, bathing suits especially. While sometimes it can be difficult to find a cute bathing suit, I feel like I've been seeing a lot of cute merchandise at most of the stores I like to shop at which is really exciting. Bikini's can get crazy expensive, so I tried to pick some cute suits that didn't sacrifice style for a lower price. Bikini ready? Maybe not. However, that by no means will stop me from making some early purchases!

Following this post will be one about my favorite cover-ups and other clothing items for the beach!


Preppy by the Sea

March 06, 2015

Friday Favorites

Another week has come and gone. This was my first full week back at school since right after Christmas break because of all the snow storms that we have had in the past month. I have had a ton of projects and tests and have basically been glued to my desk for the entire week. I am so exited to just have a relaxing weekend. My friends and I go out to dinner most friday nights so I am definitely looking forward to that! 

One: Brunch
This Sunday I went to a town near mine to meet one of my closest friends from camp for brunch. We went to this adorable place right on the water and I enjoyed the best french toast with strawberries and whipped cream! Most of my closest camp friends live plane rides away, so unfortunately I do not get to see them that often. My friend Emily was visiting family near me so thankfully our paths crossed for a little bit and we got to catch up. If any of you have ever gone to sleep away camp than you most likely know that you form some of your closest friends there. It is so important to stay in touch with people that don't necessarily live near you, whether it's texting, face timing or planning a trip to visit them. 

Two: Flowers
As I talked about in my post earlier this week, flowers are one of my favorite things about spring. Although I still can't see out my kitchen window due to the enormous amount of snow, I am starting to get into the spring mode. I love tulips and they come in so many different variations of colors! Place your flowers in a mason jar for a simple and cute arrangement!

Three: Bright Colors
This past week the Lilly Pulitzer catalogue arrived at my house and has had me obsessing over bright colors. As much as I love a cute gray sweater, jeans and bean boots I am so over the dull and dreary color scheme. I have been trying to incorporate a little bit of color into my outfits while still keeping warm! 

What have you been loving this week?


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