March 13, 2014

Thoughts For Thursday- Spring Break Essentials

Recently I have been getting really excited for spring break, which is in April for my school. I have seen lots of "Spring Break Essentials" posts and videos and thought it would make a fun Thoughts for Thursday! If you are on break right now, I hope you are having a blast! Leave a comment saying where you are going, we would love to hear about your exciting adventures!

Spring Break Essentials
1. Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers are my go-to summer sandal, you can dress them up or down and they add a cute pop of color to your outfit. On spring break theses sandals are perfect to pack because they don't take up a ton of room in your luggage. Wear them with a simple tunic coming from the pool to grab some lunch or pair them with a fancy dress to wear to a nice dinner!

2. Hats
Hats, Hats, Hats! I could not survive a spring break trip with out one of my favorite hats, they keep the sun out of your face and are so adorable! Within the past year I have developed quite the obsession with baseball hats and am loving the gingham Southern Proper "Frat Hat"the Vineyard Vines "Whale Logo" hat and the Southern Marsh blue and white seersucker hat! Sun hats are also a staple, I have one from C. Wonder (monogrammed of course) the big floppy hat is such a cute piece to wear at the beach!

3. Tumbler
Obviously if you are at the beach it is going to be super hot in the sun, so always have a tumbler filled with ice water with you! If you don't have a tumbler, I suggest the Lilly Pulitzer ones, the patterns are so fun and they are only $16.

4. Sunglasses and Croakies
Sunglasses are kind of a given, however some people do not always think to bring croakies. Last year, I went to Turks and Caicos for spring break and we rented paddle boards and a sail boat. I was so glad to have my croakies on the trip because I knew I could wear sunglasses in the hot sun on the water with out the fear of losing them.

5. Tote Bag 
A tote bag is probably the most versatile thing you could bring on spring break! I take my tote bag as my carry-on for the flight and when I arrive at the resort pack it up with things for the beach and pool!

6. Sunscreen
You will get tan if you wear sun screen and the entire vacation will be more pleasant because you won't be terribly burned! I am not saying that you need to wear 100 SPF but at least wear some so you don't look like a lobster!

7. Monogrammed Bandeau/ Bathing Suits 
Last summer, Julianna and I purchased monogrammed bandeau bathing suits from Modern Monograms on Etsy, I got a white top with the navy circle font monogram. These tops are seriously so adorable! If you are a monogram lover I highly suggest purchasing one for this spring break or summer! A packing tip I have is bring suits that you can mix and match, it will prevent major over packing and you can still wear a different combination every day!

8. A Simple Wedge
Wedges are super comfortable for walking around and they are perfcet for a nice dinner. I suggest packing a simple pair that you can wear with multiple different dresses.

9. Rubber Flip Flops
When walking to the beach or the pool, you will not want to wear nice sandals like Jack Rogers, so it is important to pack a pair that can can wet! Last year I purchased a pair from Tory Burch, they are a little bit pricy for rubber flip flops however, they are SO comfortable and you can dress them up. I always get a pair of junky flip flops from Old Navy, I believe there are 2 for $5, so they are perfect for the beach and if you lost them it would not be a big deal. Rainbow flip flops are also a favorite, they have really good support and are super durable!

10. A Good Camera
I love taking pictures, I think that they are the best way to capture a memory of a special trip. We all have phones with decent quality cameras, however a real camera is definitely a must for a vacation! The quality of your photos will be much greater with a nice cameras and the battery life is so much longer than an iPhone.

11. A Good Read for the Beach
Sitting on the beach is my favorite part of vacation, and there is nothing like reading a good book under the shade of the umbrella. Last summer I read The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, if you have not read it yet I highly suggest bringing this one on your trip.

12. Lotion
I usually get burned over spring break so bringing a moisturizer is a must! Make sure the lotion is under 3oz. if you are not checking your bag!

13. Nike Shorts
I live in Nike shorts at the beach, they are so comfortable and dry quickly.

14. T-Shirts
Oversized t-shirts are also a go-to, I wear them with my Nike shorts. My favorite t-shirts are from Southern Tide, Vineyard Vines and the Fraternity Collection.

15. A Fancy Dress
I always bring a few nice dresses with me on vacation for dinners. How cute is this Lilly Pulitzer shift dress? I would also suggest packing a cardigan to wear with the dress incase it gets cool at night.

16. Casual Sun Dress
Last year on spring break I got burned so badly and the last thing I wanted to do was put on a dress that was tight and irritating on the burn. The simple chevron dress is loose-fitting and you can still dress it up with a cute statement necklace and wedges or wear it to a casual lunch. Boutiques have lots of cute simple dresses, the fabric they use is super light weight and they dry quickly, which is always good if they get wet by the pool!

17. Cute Shorts 
Lilly Pulitzer Callahan shorts and J. Crew Chinos are the perfect shorts to bring on spring break, wear them to lunch or if you go on any adventures! I always feel like I always over pack shorts because I end up just going from a bathing suit and t-shirt to a dress and wedges, there is not much in-between at the beach!

Here are my Favorite Vineyard Vines baseball hat and Lilly Pulitzer You Gotta Regatta dress from Spring break last year! 

I hope this was helpful if you are getting ready for a spring break trip! Everyone have a great break, whether your going on an exciting trip or staying home! 


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