March 28, 2014


First of all, I would like to apologize for the lack of blogging this week, both Julianna and I have had a CRAZY week. I am beyond thankful that it is finally Friday because I am pretty sure this has been the most stressful week of the year (hence the blog post title). Starting off on Monday I had a history essay due, Tuesday I had a rough draft of an essay due, Wednesday I had a biology test, Thursday I had a History test and today I had two french quizzes, a math quiz, an English paper due and a speech. Whew that was a lot. With the the end of the third term approaching quickly, I know that I can expect a tremendous amount of work. I am not going to lie, I get stressed out pretty easily and this week I have had my fair share of emotional break downs. Blogging about the negative aspects of life is not something I like to do, however I think that stress is a good topic to discuss. Life is crazy, we try to balance so many things, from sports to school and a social life.

This week I quickly realized that I had to put school work before blogging.  Although I hate not blogging for so long, this was necessary for me to do in order to feel satisfied with my assignments. This week, my time management was definitely put to the test because golf has gotten into "full swing". After this extremely stressful week, I decided that writing about how to deal with stress would be a nice and relaxing end to the week. I'm just going to put it out there, I am a Pinterest ADDICT. Pinterest is a beautiful thing, if you are in the mood for quotes, travel, DIY ideas or fashion inspiriting it's all there, in one spot. Last night I found myself pinning lots of quotes. When ever I am stressed, pinning quotes gets me so relaxed and inspired. With warm weather and spring break approaching, I also love looking through spring outfits and getting ideas or finding new clothes that I love. These are a few of my favorite quotes that I stumbled upon last night.

via pinterest
via pinterest
Stress tests your character, it can bring out the worst of you. You have the power to over come it and make choices that will make your life so much more pleasant. When ever I have a bad day or a stressful week I enjoy reading other blogs. Every blogger is so different and reading their thoughts and ideas is inspirational and sometimes comforting. Last night I was reading The College Prepster's post Connecting the Dots about some of her ups and downs in college and the success of her blog. Not everything goes as planned and perfection is something incapable of striving for. Putting your best effort into something, that is your "perfect". Henry Ford's quote, "failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently" has such a good vibe. There is really nothing worse that putting all you time an effort into something and not doing as well as you had hoped. Learning from our mistakes can be motivational and coming back stronger the next time makes all the stress seem unimportant. I know this post was very lengthy but with all the stress this week, I felt the need to put all my thoughts into a post. As for now, I will catch up on a little One Tree Hill and enjoy a relaxing night. If all else fails, remember stressed spelled backwards is dessert. If nothing else can fix it, I guarantee some chocolate chip cookies will :)


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