March 10, 2014

The Monogram-a-holic Tag

It's "Monogram Monday", so what better post to do than the Monogramoholic Tag! This tag was originally created for YouTube by Daria (xcgal98)Courtney (classyxcourtney), and Danielle (themakeupbydanielle), I really liked this tag and decided to do a blog post version of it! What's your favorite monogrammed item? 

The Questions
1. Do you know the origin of the monogram?
I did not know the origin of the monogram, however I looked it up and they were originally placed on Ancient Greek coins. 

2. What is your monogram?
My monogram is cCb

3. If you could change your monogram would you?
I would change my monogram just because I don't like having the two C's right next to each other. Not to think super far into the future but, if I marry someone with a last lame that begins with a C my monogram would be cCc and I definitely would not love that...

4. What is your favorite monogramming font?
I like the classic script font.

5. How many monogrammed items do you have?
I think I have around 15 monogrammed items, but I'm not exactly sure...

6. What is your favorite monogrammed item you own?
I think my favorite monogrammed item would have to be my monogrammed necklaces, just because I wear them so often and they go with everything! 

7. On a scale of 1 to 10 how much do you love monograms?
I think I would go with a 9 because I love monograms, but I don't put them on every single thing in my sight. 

8. What is your favorite place to order monogrammed items from? 
I have ordered most of my monogrammed things from Etsy and, so I think those would be my favorites! 

9. What do you plan to monogram next?
I really want to get a monogrammed cross-body clutch for this summer and a sticker for my laptop. 

I thought that to go along with this tag it would be fun to show you some of my favorite monogrammed things!

Monogrammed navy blue pullover with a coral script monogram 

My monogrammed necklaces 
Circle Font in 1.25" 
Scrip font in 1" 
Purchased from

This bathing suit is the sole reason I am ready for summer! 
White bandeau with a navy circle font monogram 

I Tag 
If I did not tag you feel free to do this on your blog! Let me know about your post, I would love to check it out! 

Happy Monogram Monday!

Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. I love your monogram necklaces!