March 06, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday- Spring Shoes

Maybe it does't quite feel like spring yet in New England, but I can only hope the mild weather  is just around the corner!  To get everyone excited for spring, heres a guide to shoes you can wear all through spring!

Spring Shoes

Spring Shoes by jrosefenton featuring stripy shoes

Ok, remember that although its nice to have the designer name on your shoes, definitely don't count out Old Navy and TJ Maxx for knockoffs that are just as cute. So, I'll break it up into two categories, BUY REAL and LOOK FOR A DEAL to help you decide where to splurge and save!

1. Jack Rogers- BUY REAL 
When can I wear them?- After April vacation (or mid-April) until the end of summer!
What can I wear them with?- Anything from casual chino shorts and a simple tee to your favorite fancy summer dress.  
My thoughts-Spring and Summer wouldn't be the same without by Jack Rogers.  I have two pairs, one is solid navy, the other pink and gold and I wear both of them all the time.  My favorite spring shoes by far!

2. Sperrys- BUY REAL
When can I wear them?- Right now! it's totally okay to start wearing your Sperry shoes in March; I know I have.
What can I wear them with?- T- shirts and shorts, spring jeans, or even a casual dress!
My thoughts- I wear these adorable boat shoes all the time because they are practical and adorable.  They do make Sperry look-alikes for much cheaper, but I personally think this is something you have to buy in full…be authentic and buy original Sperrys!

3. Loafers- LOOK FOR A DEAL
When can I wear them?- All through the year, but especially starting in March and throughout spring.
What can I wear them with?- Jeans, shorts, and casual dresses, but for some reason I'm not a fan of loafers paired with skirts.  I think it looks a little disjointed.
My thoughts- Although I love the J. Crew cheetah print loafers, I'm POSITIVE you could find another cute pattern at a bargain store for much less.  On the other hand, the whale C. Wonder loafers (also pictured) are one of a kind, and those your would have to buy full price. 
Side note- how cute are those whale loafers?! I think I may buy a pair when they go on sale!

4. Sandals- LOOK FOR A DEAL
When can I wear them?- Beginning of May or end of April.  Pretty much when the weather, where ever you're living, is nice.
What can I wear them with?- A very put-together casual look along with skirts and dresses
My thoughts- What girl doesn't want a pair of Tory Burch sandals?  That being said, what girl wants to go out and pay over $200 for a pair of seasonal shoes? Someday I will invest in a pair of these adorable sandals, but for now I'll go for something equally as cute but cheaper.  But, if you're dying for a pair of these (gorgeous) sandals, go for it! I'm all for it, they're a statement piece and a spring and summer classic!

5. Rainbow Flip Flops- BUY REAL
When can I wear them?- April all the way into fall or as soon as the weather warms up 
What can I wear them with?- Casual day-to-day spring attire…even casual dresses!
My thoughts- These are my go- to shoes in the spring and summer.  They are comfortable and support your foot well.  Definitely something to buy for the brand, they last for ever and are worth every penny!

When can I wear them?- Late winter all the way through spring and even summer.  Flats are good for all seasons, really.
What can I wear them with?- Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses; flats are the most versatile of all the shoes pictured.
My thoughts- Once again, I love the Tory Burch and Brooks Brother flats pictured, but I'll opt for a plain nude flat and a floral flat knockoff for less.  I do plan on investing in a pair of Tory Burch flats at some point, but I'm more likely to see if a pair of flats is cute as opposed to the brand.  Whatever you buy, make sure they're versatile, decent quality, and most of all, preppy!

I hoped this helped you on your journey to shoe shopping and got you excited for spring. Or maybe I just gave you something to read on a Thursday night.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed this post… I enjoyed making it!


Preppy by the Sea

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