March 20, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday- If I Had 5,000 Dollars

Let's all take five minutes and think…

If some (very generous) person walked up to you and gave you 5,000 dollars, what would be your first reaction?  What would you do?  What would you buy? Where would you go?

Okay, the shopaholic that I am, of course the first thing I would want to do is go shopping!

My Lilly Shopping Bag

  Peyton Sweetheart Dress- $278                                         Callahan Short in {I Herd You}- $64                                             
Now lets go to J. Crew Factory

Navy Anchor Collector Tee- $31                                            Factory Scalloped Lace Stripe Dress- $90    

                  Factory Printed Loafers- $68

Let's buy some sandals

Tory Burch Jameson Sandal- $275                                  (New) Jack Rogers- $118            
I could go on forever shopping for clothes, but lets skip to a different category!

Iphone 5s (My 4s has gotten so slow, I'm wishing for a new phone now!)- $199

And of course it needs a case…                                               …and maybe some headphones
Kate Spade iKat Case- $40                                                          Liily Pulitzer Earbuds- $28

And now for some modest traveling.  Catherine and I have been dying to go to Charleston, SC for a while now, so I would most definitely hop on a plane with my fellow blogger and go south!

Charleston for a few nights- I'm gonna guesstimate $2,500 if we hit it right

And my grand total is… $3690
I know what you're thinking, I said $5,000, I'm $1,310 short.

Well, believe it or not, that was on purpose.  I'm you're typical girl, I love to shop for and buy things, but you wouldn't be able to buy anything if you didn't save some of the money you received.  Although I spent most of this magical money on this fictional shopping spree, I think I would have felt awful if I spent it all at once and didn't save it for later.  Even here, I think I got a little (okay a lot) carried away!

I really want someone to give me $5,000


Preppy by the Sea


  1. I love the idea behind this post, and I just might have to do something similarly on my blog! By the way... Y'all should come to Charleston! I live in South Carolina, and let me tell you.. In Charleston you can never be bored! If y'all do come down here, shoot me an email!

  2. I love the concept of this post - it made me laugh! I'm forever spending imaginary money that I don't have, haha!

    The Life & Times of Belle