July 30, 2014

Cases Calling My Name

I do not know why choosing a new phone case for me is always such a difficult task, but it is. There are so many cute options out there I guess it an get hard to pick just one! I do not have a large amount of cases that I have collected over time, in fact I simply have two. The first phone case I have is navy with little white anchors on it from J. Crew that I purchased right when I got my upgrade a year and a half ago. The second case is from Lilly Pulitzer in the "Tusk In Sun" print from last fall. I'm not going to lie, I drop my phone a lot. The wear and tear is really starting to show from falling down the stairs, being dropped in the snow during ski season and being in and out of sports bags, purses and backpacks. When it comes to buying a case I should probably have an Otter Box or something fairly protective, however I like a cute case and (knock on wood) my not so protective cases seem to work because my phone is still going strong! I currently have my eye on four different cases, they are all different, but super cute! I am loving anything tortoise shell, so naturally the Tory Burch case made the list. I think the neutral colors would be perfect for fall! The second Case is from Minnie and Emma and was designed by one of my favorite bloggers, Carly from The College Prepster. The simple and girlie case is so fun and can be personalized with your name or monogram, plus Reese Witherspoon uses it, obviously another bonus :)  The list would not be complete without a Lilly case, the "Trippin' and Sippin'" pattern is so colorful, how could you not love it!? Finally, the last case is from Kate Spade. Last year they had a tote bag that looked just like the phone case and I fell in love with it. Eat Cake For Breakfast is such a silly saying that I love and because I never got the bag I would love to get the adorable phone case! Let me know which one is your favorite! 

Tory Burch $50 | Minnie and Emma $59 | Lilly Pulitzer $32 | Kate Spade $40


Preppy by the Sea 

July 27, 2014

Girls Night in Navy and White

After a fun filled day from the beach to downtown, Catherine and I ventured out to dinner. Coordinated in navy in white, we figured what a perfect time to take some blog pictures! But, we didn't do great and only ended up with three. Oh well! Anyways, Catherine scored this adorable casual Lilly dress at the mid-summer sale today. Although it was a cloudy night, we had a great time at dinner chatting about summer adventures (including New York and the Smart Girls Conference!)

Casual and comfortable, this dress works for various seasons a occasions!

I have always loved this dress and consider it one of my best purchases from J. Crew. I mean who doesn't love anchors in the summer?

Julianna's outfit
Dress- J. Crew (Old) similar | Shoes- Jack Rogers

Catherine's Outfit
Dress- Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes- Jack Rogers

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea

July 26, 2014

Keep the Change

Saving money is always a challenge, but it is something we all have to do. I mean seriously, those J. Crew emails about their 40% off sales and new arrivals for the next season are always pretty, extremely tempting. It is crucial to create a plan about how you want to approach saving and stick to it. Whether you are a teenager making money off babysitting or are incredibly successful in the workforce, your savings will remain important for the rest of your life. How much do you want to set aside and save and how much are you willing to spend on yourself? I have a Kate Spade wallet and it has two different sides that you can store money in, I have dedicated one as the "save side" and the other as the "spend side". I typically like to save 60-70% of my earnings and the other 30-40% I allow myself to keep in order to fuel my shopping addiction. As much as I know I should, I don't put my money in the bank very frequently. I find it to be such and inconvenience and interest rates are low. Today, Julianna and I were shopping and realized that we both always put our extra change in the tip jar. As nice as it is to let them "keep the change" it really adds up quickly. So instead of giving away that 63 cents at five different stores, you keep the change. Place it in a jar and realize over time how much you save by not discarding those pennies. Set spending limits when you go shopping. Sure you may want the vest, boots, and sweater, but how much of that stuff do you really need? Of course it's okay to splurge occasionally, but overspending on a regular basis will never have a happy ending. Next time you go to buy your items, make sure you're purchasing things that are practical and don't break the bank. Say goodbye to the item that puts you over you're set limit and avoid trendy items that you won't want to wear a year from now; invest in timeless pieces.

via Pinterest
Remember that tomorrow is the last day to enter the Lilly Pulitzer pocket tee giveaway, so check it out here if you haven't done so already! 

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea 

July 25, 2014

Kate Middleton: Style Icon

It's safe to say Kate Middleton is every girl's fashion inspiration. Whether she's dressed to the nines or sporting a casual look with baby George, Kate always manages to look great. Her outfits are always approachable and simple, while also being clean and timeless.  Although all of her looks stand out as sophisticated, we've picked out our favorite looks this princess has worn in recent years. 

We love this emerald coat/dress combination. Emerald is the perfect fall color, still remaining bright but staying true to the time of year. Black pumps are an essential to any girl's closet. The shoes compliment the dress and match the belt perfectly while also adding contrast to the green. 

Once again, Kate's effortless autumn style is reflected with this simplistic neutral look. Although pairing brown and black together can sometimes be risky, she manages to pull it off nicely in this outfit. We could all use some style tips from Kate this fall!

Perfection? This look is most definitely our favorite. We're suckers for a good white dress, especially this one with the ornate cutout detailing paired with a nude wedge. Her limited jewelry adds the right amount of sparkle to the look while keeping it clean and causal.  

Navy seems to be Kate's go-to color. We love how she recycles constantly such as these convertible cork wedges and her striped shirt. Her blazer is very form-flattering while the jeans keep her look appropriate for day-to-day wear. 

Here we see Kate in the same striped shirt and again in jeans. This look is perfect for any mom on the go, with her baby as a nice accessory :)

First of all, yellow is such a hard color to pull off, yet she does is flawlessly! Nude pumps and white accents on the dress add a tasteful touch to an otherwise simple look. Plus, how cute is the little prince's outfit?

Do you love Kate's looks as much as we do?
Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea

July 24, 2014

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Foreign or right here in the US, I am obsessed with traveling and am incredibly fascinated with other countries, especially in Europe. Not only is visiting new places extremely fun, but it is always an enriching experience. Each country is like its own story, there is fascinating history, new culture and beautiful scenery. I think that when traveling, it is so important to try and learn about the culture. Whether that means visiting a museum or taking a trip into the local village, there is something unique about each place. Documenting you trip is the best souvenir; take lots of photos or even keep a journal recording the activities you took part in each day! Writing about traveling is one of my favorite things to do, so I though I would share my travel bucket list. Plus, it is the perfect cure to a boring summer afternoon!

1. Paris, France
I've always dreamed about viewing the Eiffel Tower and eating a croissant in a quaint bakery in Paris. I've been taking French since middle school which has made me want to visit France even more in recent years!
2. Fiji
I love a beach vacation. Although I'm used to (and have come to love) the chilly waters of the Atlantic, crystal clear, warm seas may just be the place for me. I've only seen Fiji in pictures, yet still I am in awe at its beauty.

3. London, England
Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye... I want to see it all! Who knows, maybe I'll even spot the Royal Couple and an adorable little prince!
4. Rome, Italy
My mom always says that her trip to Italy was her favorite vacation ever. Rich in culture (and good food) I would love to see the famous landmarks in Rome while also taking in the entire city during my travel.
5. Hawaii
Aloha! Although very far from where I live, I'd be more than happy to fly 12 hours if it meant I could spend two weeks relaxing on a beach in Maui.
6. Amsterdam, Netherlands Beautiful in pictures, I wonder how gorgeous this city is in person. The lovely gardens and picturesque canals make Amsterdam even more intriguing and a desirable place to travel.

7. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
This may be one of the most "wild" choices on my list, but how amazing would it be to see some of the earth's most incredible animals in their natural habitats? Since I was little, I have wanted to go on an African safari; I'm a total animal lover.
8. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Who ever said you have to leave the country to have an amazing trip? I hear the views are breathtaking and I would love to see them for myself someday.

9. Positano, Italy
Italy take two! The Amalfi Coast appears to be stunning and I would love to see the shores of Italy first hand!
10. Stockholm, Sweden
I want to explore all of Scandinavia someday and, of course, see the Aurora Borealis while I'm there. I think Stockholm would be a good place to start!

Have I inspired you to make your own travel bucket list? Any similarities between my list and yours? Leave travel advice, dream vacations, or your favorite trips in the comments!

Bon Voyage!

Preppy by the Sea

July 23, 2014

Good InVESTments

 As many of you may already know J. Crew Factory released their vests again today! Vest are one of my top necessities for fall and winter, they are super cute for layering, keep you warm and can be styled in so many ways. Last year I purchased the vest in Warm Bisque from J. Crew Factory and scored a cobalt blue one this spring in the sale section of my local J. Crew! This morning Salli from ww.stylebysalli.blogspot.com posted a picture on Instagram saying that the herringbone vest was back, so I rushed over to my laptop and made the purchase! Julianna got the black which is a great basic and will match everything! The Vest retails for $108 and is on sale for $75.50 and if you spend $100 or more you will receive free shipping and an extra 20% off! The solid colored vests retail for $98 and are on sale for $68.50, this deal is pretty great so I highly suggest checking out J. Crew Factory and making the inVESTment for fall! 
Let us know if you purchased a vest!
Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea

July 21, 2014


Yesterday my mom and I ventured into Boston for the day, we had so much fun shopping around Newbury Street and eating our way through the North End! The Public Garden is probably one of my favorite places in the city, it is so pretty and who doesn't love the swan boats and ducklings!? This outfit is super simple, however the pink and white combination is perfect for summer. A cute gingham button down shirt is one of my wardrobe essentials, they are classic, can be styled countless ways and can be worn during any season. 

 Tying a knot at the bottom of your shirt adds a fun and trendy touch to a classic summer look! 

Just recreating childhood pictures... Make Way For Ducklings! 

 One of my favorite GWP items from Lilly is this bangle in "Resort White Pop". My pearl bracelet paired with the bold colors make the perfect summer stack!

Obviously a trip to In the Pink was necessary, I picked up a new agenda for this year! 
Pretty sure this is the cutest picture I took all day :)

  The Boston neighborhoods are so stinkin' cute!

Embracing my inner city blogger 

Shirt- J. Crew Factory (Old) similar | Shorts- J. Crew | Shoes- Jack Rogers | Necklace- Etsy | Bracelets- Crewcuts // Lilly Pulitzer

Don't forget to enter the giveaway from yesterday's post! 


Preppy by the Sea

Lilly Pulitzer Pocket T-Shirt // GIVEAWAY

This past week has been pretty low key, so I decided to embrace my crafty side. My mom had some leftover Lilly Pulitzer fabric in "Checking In Blue", so I made this pocket tee. I love all of the bright colors in the fabric and it just happened to match my shorts and Jack Rogers perfectly. In the summertime I typically wear my frockets with nike shorts, however I also love these coral denim shorts from J. Crew! I still have a ton of the fabric left, so I will be giving away one of these shirts  in the color of your choice. Enter to win below!

Finding the perfect things to wear with these Jack Rogers can sometimes prove to be a difficult task, however today I think that I overcame the challenges that come with the bold colors :)

Because I have a plethora of this fabric I am considering selling the shirts on Etsy, let me know in the comments what you think!

A little close up on the fabric

Good Luck!

Preppy by the Sea

July 20, 2014

Monogrammed Necklaces

Almost every time I post a picture on Instagram wearing one of my monogrammed necklaces I get a question about it. Where is your necklace from? What size is it? How long is the chain? etc. This post is simply here to clear up all of your questions in one place. I have three different necklaces, so let's get to the details of each one!

In order from left to right

The first necklace I have is the most recent one I have purchased and definitely my favorite, it is from SilverJewelryArcade on Etsy for $69.99 and it is made in the USA! It is a 1.5" sterling silver 24K gold plated monogram with a 16" chain. If you are in the market for a monogrammed necklace I highly suggest this one, the size is big but not obnoxious, great quality and and the chain length is perfect! 

The second necklace is from PersonalizedNecklace on Etsy for $47.95. It is a 1.25" Sterling Silver 18K gold plated monogram with an 18" long chain in the circle block font. This necklace is nice to wear with collared shirts because it has a longer chain, however if you plan on wearing it with regular tops I would get a 16" chain. 

The final necklace I have is from Monogram Online for $99. It is a 1" sterling silver monogram dipped in yellow gold with an 18" chain. All of my necklaces have the split chain as opposed to the pendant style, I like this because the monogram stays in one place and does not rotate around on the chain. This necklace is fairly small and dainty, perfect for keeping and outfit simple or pairing with another bold necklace. 

Let me know if you have any more questions or want help with purchasing a necklace of your own!


Preppy by the Sea

July 19, 2014

Boardwalk Basics

Today I actually dug deep into my closet and pulled out a sweater. It was pretty chilly out and I was comfortable in a spring sweater and shorts. I changed up the scenery a little today to one of my favorite spots; a boardwalk at the end of my street that leads to the beach. I'm actually surprised that I never blogged here before, it's a pretty cool setting!

I love this colorful belt from J. Crew!

I love all the different textures in the clothing, railing, and grasses in this photo.

Sweater: Madewell (similar) | Shorts: Madewell | Belt: J. Crew (similar) | Shoes: Jack Rogers

Happy Weekend! Leave comments and tell us what you think of our posts, we love feedback!


Preppy by the Sea

July 18, 2014

Navy and White// Collab with Monogrammed Madison

Today Madison from monogrammedmadison and I are doing a collab styling our favorite navy and white outfits for the summer. Although I do really love all of the bright and fun summer colors, the classic navy and white combination is my favorite in the summer. No joke, literally half of my closet consists of navy and white; it is so simple, stylish, and sophisticated. Forget what everyone tells you about the "little black dress" because navy is the new black! It's one of the those colors that looks good on everyone, isn't confined to a single season, and will match almost anything you own! When I saw this anchor shirt at J. Crew Factory a few months back I new that it needed to be mine for it would look adorable with white jeans or shorts. 

The Boston skyline looks so pretty in this picture 

White jeans are such a summer essential, they are perfect for a chilly night out, they look great with almost anything and really compliment a tan! 

Shirt- J. Crew Factory  | Pants- True Religion (Old) similar | Necklace- J. Crew | Shoes- Jack Rogers

For the second look I wore my Lilly Pulitzer Eliza Dress with simple jewelry and my platinum Jack Rogers. I loved the original "Tusk in Sun" print from 2012 in pink and navy and was always annoyed that I didn't purchase the dress. When Lilly released the print again in navy and white I could not have been more thrilled! Madison is actually styling the shirt in her post, make sure to check it out! The Eliza dress is one of my favorite styles because you can really dress it up or down, I also have it in Jellies be Jammin' styled here

Dress- Lilly Pulitzer | Shoes- Jack Rogers | Monogrammed Necklace- Etsy | Bracelet- Local Jewelry Store

A little sneak peek at Madison's look, see her post here!

What are your favorite ways to style navy and white in the summer?


Preppy by the Sea