July 24, 2014

Oh the Places You'll Go!

Foreign or right here in the US, I am obsessed with traveling and am incredibly fascinated with other countries, especially in Europe. Not only is visiting new places extremely fun, but it is always an enriching experience. Each country is like its own story, there is fascinating history, new culture and beautiful scenery. I think that when traveling, it is so important to try and learn about the culture. Whether that means visiting a museum or taking a trip into the local village, there is something unique about each place. Documenting you trip is the best souvenir; take lots of photos or even keep a journal recording the activities you took part in each day! Writing about traveling is one of my favorite things to do, so I though I would share my travel bucket list. Plus, it is the perfect cure to a boring summer afternoon!

1. Paris, France
I've always dreamed about viewing the Eiffel Tower and eating a croissant in a quaint bakery in Paris. I've been taking French since middle school which has made me want to visit France even more in recent years!
2. Fiji
I love a beach vacation. Although I'm used to (and have come to love) the chilly waters of the Atlantic, crystal clear, warm seas may just be the place for me. I've only seen Fiji in pictures, yet still I am in awe at its beauty.

3. London, England
Tower Bridge, Big Ben, London Eye... I want to see it all! Who knows, maybe I'll even spot the Royal Couple and an adorable little prince!
4. Rome, Italy
My mom always says that her trip to Italy was her favorite vacation ever. Rich in culture (and good food) I would love to see the famous landmarks in Rome while also taking in the entire city during my travel.
5. Hawaii
Aloha! Although very far from where I live, I'd be more than happy to fly 12 hours if it meant I could spend two weeks relaxing on a beach in Maui.
6. Amsterdam, Netherlands Beautiful in pictures, I wonder how gorgeous this city is in person. The lovely gardens and picturesque canals make Amsterdam even more intriguing and a desirable place to travel.

7. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania
This may be one of the most "wild" choices on my list, but how amazing would it be to see some of the earth's most incredible animals in their natural habitats? Since I was little, I have wanted to go on an African safari; I'm a total animal lover.
8. Grand Canyon, Arizona
Who ever said you have to leave the country to have an amazing trip? I hear the views are breathtaking and I would love to see them for myself someday.

9. Positano, Italy
Italy take two! The Amalfi Coast appears to be stunning and I would love to see the shores of Italy first hand!
10. Stockholm, Sweden
I want to explore all of Scandinavia someday and, of course, see the Aurora Borealis while I'm there. I think Stockholm would be a good place to start!

Have I inspired you to make your own travel bucket list? Any similarities between my list and yours? Leave travel advice, dream vacations, or your favorite trips in the comments!

Bon Voyage!

Preppy by the Sea


  1. I have been to two of the places on your list - Paris & The Grand Canyon! Right now, I really have my heart set on Chicago as my next travel destination :)

    XX, SS || A Little Seersucker Sass

  2. All these places look absolutely breathtaking! My family and I are hoping to go to Greece and Italy in the coming years, and my mom too says that Italy was her favorite place when she traveled to Europe. Great choices. :)