July 26, 2014

Keep the Change

Saving money is always a challenge, but it is something we all have to do. I mean seriously, those J. Crew emails about their 40% off sales and new arrivals for the next season are always pretty, extremely tempting. It is crucial to create a plan about how you want to approach saving and stick to it. Whether you are a teenager making money off babysitting or are incredibly successful in the workforce, your savings will remain important for the rest of your life. How much do you want to set aside and save and how much are you willing to spend on yourself? I have a Kate Spade wallet and it has two different sides that you can store money in, I have dedicated one as the "save side" and the other as the "spend side". I typically like to save 60-70% of my earnings and the other 30-40% I allow myself to keep in order to fuel my shopping addiction. As much as I know I should, I don't put my money in the bank very frequently. I find it to be such and inconvenience and interest rates are low. Today, Julianna and I were shopping and realized that we both always put our extra change in the tip jar. As nice as it is to let them "keep the change" it really adds up quickly. So instead of giving away that 63 cents at five different stores, you keep the change. Place it in a jar and realize over time how much you save by not discarding those pennies. Set spending limits when you go shopping. Sure you may want the vest, boots, and sweater, but how much of that stuff do you really need? Of course it's okay to splurge occasionally, but overspending on a regular basis will never have a happy ending. Next time you go to buy your items, make sure you're purchasing things that are practical and don't break the bank. Say goodbye to the item that puts you over you're set limit and avoid trendy items that you won't want to wear a year from now; invest in timeless pieces.

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