January 31, 2015

January Playlist

This month I have been hooked on Spotify. I have had an account for a while now but never really got into it. While preparing for exams, I spent a ton of time on my computer making study guides and reviewing old documents. During my study hall, it is so easy to get distracted by surrounding conversations. I found that I was so much more productive while listening to music. My playlist has a ton of John Mayer on it. I love his songs and they are easy to study to. No Such Thing and Why Georgia are two of my favorites. Seriously who doesn't love Uptown Funk? Plus, it is a great song to workout to! Finally, have you seen the Maroon 5 music video for Sugar!? The whole band goes and crashes a bunch of weddings in LA. The reactions are priceless and I would say they have redeemed themselves from the Animals video which was not my favorite. What songs have you had on repeat recently? 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 30, 2015

Friday Favorites

This week was quite a breeze! We were lucky enough to have two snow days, which is very rare here in New England. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent sleeping in, eating pancakes and french toast, staying in pajamas all day and of course, some serious shoveling! Also, the time off allowed for some serious binge blogging- we scheduled lots and lots of posts! As much as I really don't like the cold, I LOVE snow storms. Waking up to three feet of snow is like Christmas morning, not to mention how pretty it is when the sun glistens off of it! Because we were snowed in, my favorites this week all seem to revolve around the snow days! 

The one time that I ventured out of my house during the snow days to get coffee, I snagged my moms plaid scarf to wear with my C. Wonder navy barn jacket (so sad that they are closing). I had never worn the scarf before, but I love the colors of the tartan and it is super warm- sorry mom I might be borrowing it again soon :) 

Two: Heart Donuts
PSA the amazing custard filled heart shaped donuts are back at Dunkin Donuts... enough said 

Three: my pink vest
During this crazy blizzard, fashion was not a top priority, however this hot pink vest added a fun pop to my outfit and was super warm! 


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January 29, 2015

Desk Organization

This week we were lucky enough to have our first snow day of the year! The blizzard was crazy and we got over two feet of snow. I am typically very productive on snow days and the task for this one was to tackle cleaning out my desk. At least two or three times a year, I like to take everything out of my desk and purge for some serious organization. Working at a clean space makes me so much more productive, so I thought I would share some of my organization tips! 

Here is a complete overview of my workspace. My desk is from Ikea, I have had it for a long time and it has held up great. I love the set up of this desk, the top drawer is great for keeping smaller items and the side cabinets are great for binders and textbooks. The bulletin boards are a fun place to put pictures and other knick knacks.

Check out my Pinterest Perfect Bulletin Board DIY post to create one of these boards. I love all the quotes and silly inspiration when I am super stressed sitting doing tons of homework. 

You can always find me sipping tea while working at my desk! Chamomile and peach are my two favorite teas. 

On top of my desk, I keep my favorite pens and pencils in an acrylic organization container. I put a pink monogrammed sticker on it for a more personal touch. Personally, I like mechanical pencils the best because you don't have to constantly sharpen them, Le Pens to write in my agenda, and gel pens for taking notes. I always keep some kind of lotion on my desk, especially in the winter because my heads get so dry. I use my Whitney English Day Designer that I received at the Smart Girls Group summit in New York City last summer for planning out blog posts, so that also sits on the top of my desk. 

My Kate Spade Things We Love book is placed on the side of my desk, I guess this is just another thing that makes me procrastinate :) I also have a mini stapler, tape dispenser, and some little dishes to put jewelry in after school. 

In the top drawer, I keep the things that I want to be able to easily access. I highly recommend purchasing some sort of desk organizer for drawers because it will keep everything so much more tidy. I don't particularly like this organizer, however it gets the job done. I keep some extra pencils, flashcards, a calculator, sticky notes, etc. in this drawer. Having a note pad is also an important thing for me to keep in my desk. Sometimes random post ideas come to me while studying and I can quickly jot them down and won't forget #bloggerprobs! 

In the right cabinet, I keep some old binders, filler paper, stationary and markers. By the end of first semester, my binders are overflowing with papers and I need a place to keep them for studying for finals. I use two big binders and store all the notes in there and use some divider tabs to separate the subjects. I feel like I always run out of paper in the classes that I don't use notebooks in, so having extra filler paper on hand is always a good idea. 

So... I'm slightly obsessed with stationary. After spending summer after summer away at camp, I feel like the collection has just gotten a little out of control. Every time I go in to Target or a local stationary shop, I always find a cute new set that I end up leaving with. I guess this isn't the worst problem to have because seriously, who doesn't love a nice handwritten note? This huge pack of mini crayola markers is nice and organized without taking up a ton of space. There are tons of colors in this pack and they are perfect for any school project that requires a little creative & artistic spark. 

On the left side of my desk, I keep some of my text books that I don't have to take back and forth to school everyday. I also have this cute little organization thing that I keep some of my magazines in. 

Finally, I have a few picture frames on top of my desk.

How do you organize your desk? I would love to hear any recommendations! 


Preppy by the Sea 

#TGIT Returns

I saw this commercial for the return of #TGIT and thought it was pretty funny! I am so excited for all of my favorite shows to be back on live, especially with the crazy cliff hangers we were left with! Tune in for Grey's Anatomy at 8pm EST, Scandal at 9pm EST and How to Get Away With Murder at 10pm EST! What is your favorite show to watch Thursday nights on ABC? 


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January 28, 2015

Room Redo

For years I had the same duvet cover, pillows, lampshade, and bureaus in my room and even though my decorative style had evolved, my space hadn't. So I replaced my spread and painted the walls, yet I knew the only way to make my room feel like a place I wanted to spend time in was to find some cool decorations, big and small, that made it unique to my style. From my attempts at redecorating, I've found that changing smaller cosmetic things actually make the biggest difference. Regular visits to HomeGoods and looking at dream rooms on Pinterest have helped me to see that simply buying a picture for your wall can give your room a completely different vibe. I'm certainly no expert (though I am an avid viewer of the Home & Gardens Network :), yet I've discovered some stylish, and generally inexpensive tips that make all the difference in changing your room into exactly what you desire. Without further ado, lets get decorating!

via Pinterest
+ Replace your mirror
I actually replaced my mirror pretty recently and love the change it has brought to my room. Try to find something with a cool frame thats big enough to seem like a decoration as well as a functional piece 
Take a look: PBteen | Target 

+ Find a rug you love
I honestly think that having the right rug can make all the difference. Decide the color scheme you're going for in your room and buy your rug based on what you decide. I have this rug and it's the perfect accent in my room!
Take a look: Company C | Target | Anthropologie

+ Put new knobs on your closet/doors
This is definitely a case where the little things can make all the difference. If you have cool knobs to open your closet or door as opposed to standard metal, you'll be so much happier with how your room looks. Talk about a quick and easy fix
Take a look: Anthropologie

+ Wallpaper one of your walls
I never did this in my room, but I so wish I had. I first saw this trend on Gossip Girl as Serena had wallpaper on one of her walls and I've loved the idea of doing this ever since. This is a great way to incorporate pattern into your room; I'm a huge fan of pattern mixing when it's done successfully
Take a look: Anthropologie (as seen on The College Prepster) | Juju Papers

+ Spice up your walls
Recently, gallery walls have been popular all over Pinterest and I am loving them as well. However, if you can find either a large painting or print that is a statement in itself, who needs a bunch of other designs to go with it? Simple is best.
Take a look: Gallery Walls | Watercolor | Flamingo Print (must see!)


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January 27, 2015

Bundled Up

If you have read anything or watched the news, you have probably heard all about the blizzard, Juno, that has hit us hard up in New England! Yesterday at school, they announced that we would be having a snow day the next day. This was beyond rare seeing as my town refuses to ever cancel school or is the last to do so. So far we have gotten over two feet and it is still coming down with no sign of letting up anytime soon. The wind is crazy, but having the day off to stay in pajamas all day (except for the 3 minutes I took to take these picture) is oh so relaxing! Fingers crossed we have another day off tomorrow! Did you have the day off? If so, check out this Snow Day Essentials post on our friend's blog!

Obsessing over this hot pink vest, it adds a great pop of color to any winter look! 

I honestly don't think it is possible to survive winter in Massachusetts without bean boots and a Patagonia better sweater. 

pullover- Patagonia | vest- Old Navy (sold out) available here | leggings- Lululemon | watch- Kate Spade | boots- L.L. Bean 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 26, 2015

Everyday Jewelry

When it comes to my everyday jewelry, I like to keep it fairly simple. I will never leave my house without a pair of pearl earrings. I love my studs from Hazel & Marie for a more casual looks and my Kate Spade Seaport Studs for dressier days. I never take off my silver signet ring, which I purchased from a local jewelry store. The sterling silver is great quality and I love always have a personal piece of jewelry that I always have on. Although it is considered a fashion faux pas, I do mix my metals quite frequently. More often than not, I wear this gold monogrammed necklace which I can easily dress up or down and one of my favorite purchases. When it comes to bracelets, I love my scalloped & bow bangles from Forever 21, which are a great dupe to the Kate Spade bow bangle . Finally, I wear my Kate Spade Gramercy watch, which is one of my new favorite pieces. I love the sleek look of it with the adorable pink detailing. What jewelry do you find yourself wearing on an everyday basis? 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 24, 2015

Good Reads

I'm not the type of person who gets excited about books too often. In fact, I've always thought that I hated reading and would much prefer a good movie or television show (i.e. Netflix). However, when I find a good book that really grabs my attention, I can't put it down. In two days or less I'm done and ready for a sequel. So since we're right in the midst of the winter lull (after the holidays and before February break), I figured we could all use a little something to occupy ourselves, and starting a new book or series could be the perfect fit. Also, am I a complete nerd for having a Goodreads account? Call me crazy, but I kind of like to read all the reviews and compare my opinions with those who have already rated the novel I'm reading.
Books I've Read
In the Time of the Butterflies- Julia Alvarez
This book was actually a part of my summer reading list, and from beginning to end I absolutely loved it. The story is told from the perspectives of four sisters as they grow up and involve themselves in a rebellion against the brutal dictator in their home country, the Dominican Republic. Based on a true story, this book is beautifully written and reduced me to tears by the end.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?- Mindy Kaling
Catherine and I read this book about a year ago and we still talk about how funny is was. I flew through this book in just a few days and loved Kaling's hysterical and relatable writing style as she describes her personal experiences and opinions. I personally never followed The Office, but of the episodes I've seen, Mindy Kaling is incredibly funny and that sense of humor is present throughout her story.

+ The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time- Mark Haddon
I read this book last summer and consider it to be one of my favorites. I think what I loved most about it was the writing quality; the author does an incredible job of expressing the autistic main character's [Christopher] emotions and reactions as he intends to solve the mystery of who killed his neighbor's dog. For a much better synopsis than what I just said, look here.

Books I'm Currently Reading
I Am Malala- Malala Yousafzai and Christina Lamb
I received this book for my birthday and began reading it over Christmas break. I'm about a third of the way through and am captivated by Malala's story of perseverance and dedication to the cause of equal education opportunity for girls. Although I've yet to finish, I'd recommend this book to anyone

Books I Want to Read
+ Divergent Series- Veronica Roth
I know people always say it's best to read the book before seeing the movie, but in this case seeing Divergent on the big screen has inspired me to want to read the series. I really enjoyed the Hunger Games books as I like alternate universe/science fiction type genre. Also, the fact that there are 3 books in this series is a major plus for I hate reaching the bittersweet conclusion of a good story.

Have you guys read any good books lately?


Preppy by the Sea

January 23, 2015

Friday Favorites

What a whirlwind of a week this was! I enjoyed the long weekend in Vermont, but spent majority of it studying for exams. Unfortunatley, the weather was freezing so I opted to go to the gym instead of hitting the slopes! Tuesday we took our history and math exams and Wednesday was science and English. Although the beginning of the week was quite stressful, we got out at 11:15 both days and had no class on Thursday! I would say it was a great week, can't really complain about going to school for three days! Although I pretty much lived in sweatpants and oversized t-shirts this week I have a few favorites to share.

As I mentioned in my post on tuesday, I am in love with this grey elbow patch sweater. I wore it last weekend and not only is is super cute but also oh so comfortable! 

Two: Rocksbox
We received out first Rocksbox packages this week and adore everything in the box! Read the full review post here and use the code 'preppybytheseaxoxo' to receive a free month subscription!

Three: Kate Spade Things We Love Coffee Table Book 
I received this book for Christmas and have not stopped flipping through the pages ever since. The book is filled with color, patters, quotes and lots of fun old pictures! 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 22, 2015


Sometimes keeping up with the latest jewelry trends can be a challenge. One year you might be clicking "submit my order" many many times on chunky statement necklaces and the next on dainty little pieces. When it comes to buying "fashion pieces" I tend to go for cheaper quality jewelry or hit up the sale section at J. Crew, however I am willing to spend more on timeless or everyday pieces. Today, we are sharing our newest discovery and the solution to your jewelry dilemmas! A few weeks ago we received an email from Rocksbox and were ecstatic to have the opportunity to work with them. Rocksbox is a subscription box that sends you a new box of jewelry each month. Here is how it works. Members pay $19 a month and you will receive a box with three pieces of designer jewelry. You can keep the set for as long as you want, or you can send it back and get a new set. Before receiving your first box, you take a little "quiz" so that the Rocksbox team can get to know your personal style and send you items that you will LOVE! If you absolutely adore the items in your box and want them to have a new home in your jewelry box, you may purchase any of them for 20% off! Are you sold yet? If not, it gets better! Use the coupon code 'preppybytheseaxoxo' to get your first month for FREE! 

How adorable is the bow on the outside of the packaging!? 

They even personalize your card with your name on it! 

I adore everything that came in my first box! Here is what I received...
1. Urban Gem Victoria Necklace $64
2. Gorjana Lima Bracelet $60
3. Perry Street Gwen Crystal Studs $50
4. Shine necklace- a gift you can keep! 
If I had purchased all of these items it would have come to a grand total of $174 and a monthly membership is only $19, I would say this is a pretty amazing deal! I might even buy the earrings, they are a great statement piece without being overwhelming and they are not heavy at all! 

I adore the way the necklace and earrings look paired together 

In my box I found…
1. Urban Gem Victoria Necklace $64
2. Gorjana Downtown Layered Cuff $128
3. Trina Turk Triangle Stone Stud in Jet $48
4. Shine Necklace
Like Catherine, I am totally skied about the deals you can get with this membership! Why spend all your cash on jewelry when you can get new and trendy pieces monthly for $19?

How awesome is that cuff?

New obsession: pairing silver and gold together

Catherine & Julianna 

Preppy by the Sea 

*this post was sponsored by Rocksbox, however all opinions are our own* 

January 20, 2015

Favorite Sweater

I honestly cannot believe that I have not posted an outfit wearing this sweater yet! I purchased it for back to school and have worn it more times than I can count. It is so soft and the leather elbow patch detail is perfect. This sweater is perfect to wear with leggings, I got it a size bigger than what I typically wear so it is a bit more boxy and long. Just wait it gets better, the sweater is on sale for $27 right now and available in a bunch of different colors, make sure to pick one up before they're gone! 

I love this navy Kate Spade cross body bag, it matches everything and can be used all year round.

This necklace is the perfect in-between, not quite a statement necklace but not super dainty. 

Definitely look pained in this picture... guess that what happens when you decide to go take blog pictures in -5 degrees! 

sweater- J. Crew Factory | shirt- J. Crew Factory similar | pants- Joe's Jeans | necklace- J. Crew Factory similar | bracelet- J. Crew Factory | earrings- Hazel & Marie c/o | boots- Dolce Vita


Preppy by the Sea 

January 19, 2015

Exams x Grey's Anatomy

Ah everyone's favorite week, exam week! I am beyond jealous of everyone that got to get this over with before Christmas break and didn't have to spend the monday of the long weekend studying. I am swamped with work, lots of late nights and studying. As of right now I am just sitting writing blog posts and procrastinating...what's new? Gifs are so funny, so I thought I would share some of my feelings towards exam week through the characters of Grey's Anatomy! 

The night before all the fun begins, food sounds really great. I'll take an volunteers to get pizza with me! Addison gets it. 

Coming into school in the morning. 

After taking my first exam and realizing it's not over yet- and hour and a half of fun to go and two the next day! 

 Finishing up the second to last test and your hand is all cramped up from answering 100 multiple choice questions and writing a five paragraph essay.

Rationalizing having absolutely no idea what the answer is to a question.

Apologies :) 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 17, 2015

Saturday Inspiration via Kate Spade

Happy Saturday! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of this long weekend with a cup of coffee and a yummy breakfast. Yesterday, I fell in love with the adorable graphic on the Kate Spade email and thought I would share it. As much as I love fun winter activities and sporting my favorite sweaters, I would do anything for warm summer weather right now, hence my obsession with this cute little image. Kate Spade is probably my favorite designer, the witty sayings, bold colors and patterns are unlike any other company. I would love to be wearing my favorite sandals at the beach right now or dancing the night away in an adorable new pair of pumps! Although this all sounds oh so delightful, I will be spending this weekend outside in the frigid New England weather skiing and by the fire studying for exams. What are you plans for MLK weekend? 


Preppy by the Sea 

January 16, 2015

Friday Favorites

Friday at last! This week has been a busy one with lots of late nights. Our language exams were this week. French is not my favorite subject, nor is it my best subject but with lots of studying I am hoping I did well! Needless to say, je suis très fatiguée. Thank goodness this weekend is a long weekend, although it will be spent studying for the other exams next week. Here are a few of my favorite things from this past week.

One: Grey's Anatomy/Relaxation
Last weekend, I finished the final season of Grey's on Netflix and bid farewell to Christiana. I am hoping to catch up to live so I can start watching on the 28th when #TGIT returns! Honestly, I have been loving any chance to relax this week, as it has been a stressful one. I am also loving this Kate Spade "Eat Cake For Breakfast" mug and chamomile tea.

Two: Organized School Supplies
When it comes to studying and doing homework, I find that I am more productive when I work in a clean and organized space. This week I took some time to clean off my desk and organize all my notebooks and binders. I like this pink polka dot notebook with the gold monogram, plus who doesn't love cute school supplies!?

Three: Puffy Patagonia Jacket
Chilly and snowy winter days are upon us here in Massachusetts and it is time to say good bye to cute fall jackets and bring on the warmth. I have had this patagonia down jacket for a few years and absolutely love it! The color is so unique and adds a fun pop to every outfit. 


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