August 07, 2014


Let's just get straight to the point, I am literally addicted to Netflix. It's a problem. I know that I am not the only one out there with this problem, but seriously Catherine, it is not okay to stay up until three o'clock in the morning watching a show from 1998 by yourself. I have pretty much seen it all and have now moved on to shows that ended before I turned five. This post is most likely going to turn into me rambling on and on about how much time I have wasted on this highly addictive site, but I am going to try to turn this into a beneficial post. I don't typically watch TV during the school week because by the time I finish my homework, I just want to go to bed. However, during the summer and on weekends I guess I just go for the marathon...  Due to all of the series I have completed, I thought that I would do a review of each show. The order that I am writing about each show in is also the order in which I have watched them.

1. Gossip Girl
If you have not watched this show then, wow that's impressive. Gossip Girl is about a group of elite teenagers who live on the Upper East Side in New York City and their lavish lifestyle. The main characters are Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodsen, Dan Humphrey, Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass, most of which you will love by the end of the show. Gossip Girl is an anonymous "blogger" who reveals secrets and scandalous stories of Manhattan's elite. If you are looking for a good summer drama I highly suggest this!

2. Greek
For me, I found Greek to be somewhat of a time filler yet highly entertaining. This show is about Casey, a member of her college's most elite sorority, Zeta Beta Zeta and all of her friends within the greek system. When Casey's geeky younger brother Rusty comes to her college he decides to join her ex's fraternity establishing new drama, relationships and friendships. Definitely a good and funny show, but the acting is not exactly and Academy Award worthy performance. 

3. Friday Night Lights
This is a classic. Friday Night Lights is about football in Dillon, Texas and small town drama. The acting in this show is absolutely incredible and the the plot remains interesting throughout all five seasons. The team's coach, Eric Taylor, faces many struggles within the community, on the football team and with his daughter, Julie and wife Tami. Tim Riggins, the "bad boy", Tyra Collette the troubled girl, Lyla Garrity, the popular cheerleader, Jason Street, the paralyzed boy and Julie Taylor (Coach's daughter) form the group of main characters whose lives ultimately create an intriguing plot. It took me a few episodes to really get into this one but trust me, you will be hooked!

4. One Tree Hill
Well here we go, this is 100% my all time favorite show. One Tree Hill has an incredibly long run of 9 seasons, all of which bring new feelings and plot twists. With OTH you really do fall in love with each and every character, they are all so different and offer so many amazing qualities. The show is technically about a high school basketball team in Tree Hill, North Carolina. However it is really about the characters and their lives and relationships. The plot of this show is definitely unique. Nathan Scott, the star basketball player and Lucas Scott, the outcast, are technically brothers, however their father, Dan Scott leaves Lucas's mother, Karen after their senior year to raise him all alone. Next we have Peyton who is somewhat dark and obsessed with art and her record collection and Brooke the popular cheerleader and party girl. These two are best friends. Finally we have Haley, the super smart and somewhat nerdy girl who is best friends with Lucas. Throughout the nine seasons we travel with these characters from their sophomore year of high school until they are about 30 and are married with kids. One Tree Hill offers so many life lessons, couples you will love and of course some quality drama; it will not disappoint!

5. Hart of Dixie
Hart of Dixie is about a doctor, Zoe Hart from New York City who moves to a small town in Alabama called Bluebell. As one might suspect, life in the big apple is extremely different compared to this little town in the deep south. The other doctor at the practice, Dr. Breeland has been there forever and is not exactly welcoming to Zoe the new doctor. Similarly, his daughter Lemon Breeland who is quite the Southern belle is not accepting of the new things that come with Zoe Hart. The Mayor, Levon Hayes owns a large plantation home with a few guest houses where Zoe lives along with Wade, the attractive bartender that she has a thing for. Hart of Dixie is hilarious, if you are looking for a good laugh this is your show! There are only two seasons of this currently on Netflix, however it is still airing weekly on CW. 

6. 90210
This show could be considered the not as good Beverly Hills version of Gossip Girl. Annie Wilson and her adoptive brother, Dixon move to LA from Kansas, which is obviously a major culture shock.  At their new high school, West Bev, they become friends with a group of extremely wealthy kids. With the excessive trust funds inherited by these teenagers this show has its fair share of scandal, parties, private planes and fun friendships- definitely a perfect summer show! 

7. Dawson's Creek 
And my One Tree Hill addiction continues on here... Dawson's Creek aired between 1998 and 2003, later on One Tree Hill would be loosely based upon this show, hence the reason I am currently watching it. Dawson's Creek takes place in the fictional town of Cape Side, Massachusetts which is supposed to be located on Cape Cod. This is really fun because sometimes there are shots taken on the Vineyard, Nantucket, Cape Cod and Boston that I am familiar with, although the actual show is filmed in Wilmington, NC. The premise of the story is about a girl, Joey Potter (Katie Holmes) and the boy down the creek who she has been best friends with her entire life, Dawson Leery (James Van Der Beek) and all of their friends.  The show follows the two and their group of friends throughout high school and later on in life. But, I am still only on season 3.  If you liked OTH I definitely recommend this, plus finding all the coincidences is so fun! 

After writing this I have confirmed my obsession with Netflix and realized I am writing and it is 2 am- just another exciting summer night :) What is your favorite show? 


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  1. Sounds of my favorites... I looove Gossip Girl and I think Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows ever made! I used to really love One Tree Hill as well. I need to watch Hart of Dixie if it's as funny as you say it is!