August 29, 2014

Chatham Ivy

Catherine and I can both agree, we are lovers of a comfortable go-to tee-shirt. Whether it's a lazy day at school, casual stroll downtown, or relaxing day at the beach, a good tee-shirt can make a statement of one's personal style. So, when we received an email from Chatham Ivy  few weeks ago, we instantly thought this would be the perfect collaboration. This Cape Cod based tee shirt company really stood out to us as we too spend summers on the Cape. Kim and her sister Katie started this company as a way to represent and show their thanks to their old school prep dad who is currently battling cancer and to share their love of Cape Cod with others. Companies with an awesome backstory always make a greater impact on the customer, and Chatham Ivy really hit home with us. 

There are so many Southern tee shirt companies, so it is nice to finally have one that really embodies the New England lifestyle. Chatham Ivy has women's fit tees ($30), mens tees ($30) and a children's collection ($20), so there really is something for everyone. The watercolor graphics are so nicely done and create a unique custom feel. The cotton tees used are incredibly soft and the white is not see through which is always a plus! Normally, we both prefer a men's fit style tee-shirt, but we love the loose and comfortable feel of our women's fit tees! Keeping checking in on because this fall they will be getting long sleeve shirts in addition to adding more New England States, vacation towns and "preppy pets". 

 Julianna is wearing the Wicked Land Cruiser. We love the little black lab sitting in the car!

The back says Chatham Ivy on it with their slogan- "wicked preppy" which adds a little Massachusetts charm ;)

 Catherine is wearing the Entering Cape Cod. How cute is the entering Cape Cod sign!? 

Here are just a few of our favorite the tee shirt designs available at Chatham Ivy. They also have a New England destination collection that features designs from Newport, Maine and Cape Cod!

What is your favorite design?

Catherine and Julianna

Preppy by the Sea 

*Thanks to Chatham Ivy for sponsoring this post*


  1. Love these tees! Especially since I am a proud New England-er myself! What size did you guys get? Love the Look!!