August 23, 2014

What you See Isn't Always What you Get!

Recently I have seen a ton of bloggers doing the Instagram versus reality post and have loved every single one, although Frannie's has to be my favorite- it's hilarious! One stereotype about bloggers is their perfect, or what seems to be perfect Instagram, which is often time true. A scroll through my feed typically includes arm candy and a latte at a quaint coffee shop, macrarons and cute coffee table books or brightly colored accessories all placed on a perfect white background. I will definitely be liking all those cute blogger photos, but often times they are quite deceiving. I am not going to lie, I spend quite a lot of time trying to take the perfect picture and editing it but you never actually know what was happening during that time. Today you will get to learn the truth behind some of these pictures...

What it looks like: Ahh waking up to the smell of the ocean! I woke up, made my bed all perfectly and was up ready to start a productive day! 

What is actually happening: Surprise I rarely make my bed #sorrynotsorry.... My bed was looking cute because we had guests over and my mom made me clean my room. I actually took this picture around 11:00 at night and put the brightness up to about 75%. 

What it looks like: Just snapping some cute pictures at a little beach town store 

What is actually happening: I was shopping around with Julianna and our friend Kate trying to find a gift... while they were checking out I literally rearranged a display shelf to my liking to take this picture while a couple of people browsing around the shop were staring at me #bloggerprobs 

What it looks like: Just being all fit and healthy about to go for a run and telling the followers on Instagram that there is a new post up on the blog! 

What is actually happening: Apparently my whole family was waiting in the car for me to go to the beach for 20 min and I had no idea...too busy taking this picture. I tried to take this in three different rooms because I was having lighting issues. The background of this appears to be nice and white, it is however it is all sitting on my sisters lacrosse shirt. Also, I tried to bump up the exposure so hide the fact that the only headband I could find was covered in makeup because I wear it every night when I wash my face. 

What it looks like: Just enjoying a fun day at at the play for pink golf tournament with our friends! 

What is actually happening: This day was actually super fun...until I crashed the golf cart and got yelled at- good times. Also, there was a group right behind us so we had to take this picture in 2 seconds. We look cute in our Lilly shorts and that all that matters :)

 What it looks like: Just enjoying another beautiful beach day soaking up the summer sun! 

What is actually happening: It was a little after 5 and the lifeguards had all left, so naturally we had to take advantage of the stand and take a few pictures, there was just one little issue... After everyone leaves they take away the ladder to get up, so let me tell you this was quite a struggle. After shimmying up the slanted wooden board we almost made it, but first we had to flop around like a fish out of water to get all the way up there. Once we reached the top we took our pictures- the next challenge, getting down. Julianna went first and made it, next I went and fell. I was completely covered in sand but that was nothing the ocean couldn't fix! Looking back that was a lot of effort for a few pictures, but you gotta do it for the 'gram!

What it looks like: A bunch of cute Kate Spade wallets, just following her "Live Colorfully" motto! 

What is actually Happening: Julianna, our friend Clare and I were all sitting at the train station waiting for our train to NYC for the Smart Girl conference. After we went to buy food (#priorities) I realized we all had Kate Spade wallets and borrowed them to take a quick picture (FTB- for the blog, a running joke amongst our friends). I was literally sitting on the floor of the train station arranging them to get the perfect angle. Most people waiting must have really thought there was something wrong with me, but hey you gotta do what you gotta do! 

This post was super fun to look back through all of our pictures and remember all the amusing stories that go with them, I hope you enjoyed it too! 


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. This is too funny! Totally relate to this.

  2. Love this! It is seriously SO TRUE!!

  3. hahaha this is hilarious and so true! I seriously love that bedding though! x