August 25, 2014

Amazing Agendas

As much as I am not ready to embrace the fact that school is just around the corner, it is inevitable. Today I am talking about agendas, the first of a few back to school posts we have planned. I'm not going to lie, I LOVE school supplies shopping! There's something so fun about getting everything and making it as cute as possible. My favorite thing to purchase for back to school is definitely my agenda, it is my saving grace and keeps me sane while planning out dates of tests, projects etc.  Because I am constantly using mine, I opt to purchase a nicer one than what is provided by my school. Last year I used the Lilly Pulitzer agenda in "Coronado Crab", I loved everything about it, the adorable pink and green pattern, the stickers and of course the layout. I am fairly particular about the organization and have perfected my system... if you would like to see a "How I Organize My Agenda" or any other school related posts, leave a comment below! 

Gold Dots $36 | Floral $28 | Oranges $28 | Bookshelf  $36

I am partial to the Lilly Pulitzer agendas because that is what I have used, however I am also loving the ones Kate Spade released this year. The gold polka dot Kate Spade agenda is very simple and sophisticated with a twist and the bookshelf is so unique! If you are looking for a more fun and colorful option definitely check out the Lilly ones and order ASAP because they typically sell out!  This year I will be using the Lilly agenda in "Peelin' Out". I love, love, love the little monkeys and oranges and cannot wait to start using it! Although Julianna is not really into using a planner, I know that she is absolutely obsessed with the print "Hot Spot"! Because the Lilly agendas are 15 months, I am now using mine from last year for blogging and planning out posts because I want to start the school year with a new one! Are you an agenda person? If so, what agenda do you like to use?


Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Love agendas! Already picked up a pink one for this year!!

  2. I have a Lilly one, but I want the Kate Spade bookshelf one so bad! I think it is just precious and I'm a big time reader, so it seems perfect.

    Kasey {preppylove}