August 03, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Babysitting

So I'm sure that a lot of our readers have done their fair share of babysitting. I babysit on a regular basis and really enjoy it; I love little kids. That being said we've all had that experience where either the kids have gone crazy, they refuse to go to bed, or you've just run out of ideas of things to do (or maybe a combination). Through my experience with babysitting, I've found that there are a lot of fun activities that kids enjoy that don't require watching television or anything too crazy. It's most definitely possible to make babysitting fun for the kids and the sitter. I've included a list of easy activities that have never failed me when I've babysat; the secrets to my success!

1. Do Some Baking
Personally, I love baking and like to do it in my own free time. So, why not do it with the kids? I normally stick to cookies and brownies; simple and delicious. Any kid loves to pour in the ingredients and mix it all together, so as long using the oven is alright with the parents, start baking!
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2. Cards
This may come as a surprise to some of you, but I've found that all the kids that I babysit for love playing cards. Cards are not as messy as setting up a board game (though also a good idea) and are simple. As long as the kids are 5+, they should have no problem playing Crazy 8's or Go Fish.
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3. Build a Fort
Building a fort is perfect for a rainy day or as a solution to boredom while babysitting. Although putting away the pillows and blankets afterwords may be a hassle, playing in the fort will keep the kids occupied for at least an hour. 
This fort is way cooler than anything I've ever made…
4. Sidewalk Chalk
If your babysitting during the day and it's nice out, there really is no better option that drawing with chalk on the driveway. Mess free and fun, this will keep the kids entertained and smiling!
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5. Painting Nails
If you're babysitting girls, this is a really fun activity. Every girls loves to have their nails painted and it's an enjoyable, quiet activity for young girls.
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6. Story Time
Kids love it when babysitters read to them before bed. So, instead of reserving a quick 10 minutes before it's lights out for reading, make it into an activity. Read a few chapter as opposed to a few pages.
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Did you find any similarities between my list of ideas and yours? What are you favorite things to do with the kids you babysit?


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  1. I built a fort & painted nails with the little girls I babysit last night! Both are great activities and they had so much fun!

  2. I just found your blog and I just wanted to say how much I loved it!!!! I'm happy to see more New England bloggers!!! :D

    xo, Lizzie

  3. We love competitive puzzle contests. When we place a piece we shout out "poppin' & lockin'!" We even have names, I am The Puzzle Master, my niece who is 5, is The Puzzle Scientist, and her grandmother is The Puzzle Professor. It's a great way to play with a child of any age. The hard puzzles stay on a card table and can go on for many days.