January 28, 2015

Room Redo

For years I had the same duvet cover, pillows, lampshade, and bureaus in my room and even though my decorative style had evolved, my space hadn't. So I replaced my spread and painted the walls, yet I knew the only way to make my room feel like a place I wanted to spend time in was to find some cool decorations, big and small, that made it unique to my style. From my attempts at redecorating, I've found that changing smaller cosmetic things actually make the biggest difference. Regular visits to HomeGoods and looking at dream rooms on Pinterest have helped me to see that simply buying a picture for your wall can give your room a completely different vibe. I'm certainly no expert (though I am an avid viewer of the Home & Gardens Network :), yet I've discovered some stylish, and generally inexpensive tips that make all the difference in changing your room into exactly what you desire. Without further ado, lets get decorating!

via Pinterest
+ Replace your mirror
I actually replaced my mirror pretty recently and love the change it has brought to my room. Try to find something with a cool frame thats big enough to seem like a decoration as well as a functional piece 
Take a look: PBteen | Target 

+ Find a rug you love
I honestly think that having the right rug can make all the difference. Decide the color scheme you're going for in your room and buy your rug based on what you decide. I have this rug and it's the perfect accent in my room!
Take a look: Company C | Target | Anthropologie

+ Put new knobs on your closet/doors
This is definitely a case where the little things can make all the difference. If you have cool knobs to open your closet or door as opposed to standard metal, you'll be so much happier with how your room looks. Talk about a quick and easy fix
Take a look: Anthropologie

+ Wallpaper one of your walls
I never did this in my room, but I so wish I had. I first saw this trend on Gossip Girl as Serena had wallpaper on one of her walls and I've loved the idea of doing this ever since. This is a great way to incorporate pattern into your room; I'm a huge fan of pattern mixing when it's done successfully
Take a look: Anthropologie (as seen on The College Prepster) | Juju Papers

+ Spice up your walls
Recently, gallery walls have been popular all over Pinterest and I am loving them as well. However, if you can find either a large painting or print that is a statement in itself, who needs a bunch of other designs to go with it? Simple is best.
Take a look: Gallery Walls | Watercolor | Flamingo Print (must see!)


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