January 15, 2014

Exam Study Tips

I am not sure when most school have exams, however I think they are just starting or coming up soon! This week I have my French exams and next weeks I have math, biology, history and English. Next week my school has half days on Tuesday and Wednesday and no school thursday so, I guess there are some perks with all the stress! If you have exams starting next week make sure to use this upcoming long weekend to your advantage!  Being in the midst of all these tests, I though that posting about my exam study tips might be helpful!

Exam Study Tips (MId-Year Edition)
1. Use a Calculator when studying for math and science
Using your calculator instead of your phone is probably one of the best things you can do to study. I find that if I use my phone notifications will pop up and I will become easily distracted. I put my phone on the other side of my room on the charger and only look at it if I need to ask a friend a question.

2. Flash Cards
For foreign language, I find that flash cards are the best way to study vocab. Writing out the vocab helps commit the word to memory and you will learn how to spell it. The other benefit of flashcards are that you can take them with you where ever you are going, throw them in your purse and use time in the car to study!

3. Post-it Notes 
When reviewing old notes or going through your text book, using sticky notes is an easy way to remind yourself what to go back and look at. At the end of each term I empty out my binders and put all the notes into a big binder that is divided into my five main classes. Using color-coded sticky notes allows me to write myself a little note and remember what I didn't understand and which class it goes with.

4. Tea 
After a long day at school or even after dinner, I love to drink tea. Tea is so calming and helps me relieve some stress. How adorable is the monogrammed mug!? Celestial Country Peach Passion tea is my absolute favorite and it is decaf so drinking it late at night will not keep you up. If you know that it is going to be a very late night I would resort to coffee.

5. Word Documents 
I have two study tips involving word documents.
The first tip I have is regarding a study guide. A few of my teachers gave us HUGE study guides for the exams. My friends and I decided to split up the study guide and then e-mail each other our work. Sharing the work with friends is a life saver, it allows you to have extra time to work on assignments for other classes and have the study guide ready to go in a more efficient way!
The second tip is for classes you don't receive a study guide in
Starting to study for a class that does not give you much to work with can be extremely difficult so, take advantage of what you do have. I use old homework assignments and vocab lists that I had previously typed to make my own study guide for the class. The old assignments and notes from class will definately help you review the material.

6. Nightly Routine 
During exam week it is crucial to get as much sleep as you can so that you feel rejuvenated in the morning. I like to take a shower early so that I can change into cozy pajamas and study in my bed. For me moisturizing my skin is a must, seeing as it gets so dry in the winter. The St. Ives Oatmeal and Shea Butter lotion is my go-to moisturizer and I love eos and Burt's Bees lip balm.

7. Know When to Take a Break 
You can not study forever, end of story. There comes a point when you know that you need to pull your head out of your binder and take a break! When I take a quick break, I like to read a few of my favorite blogs (http://www.prepinyourstep.comhttp://kellyinthecity.comhttp://www.classygirlswearpearls.comhttp://www.prepavenue.comhttp://thedariadiaries.blogspot.com and lots more!)

Let us know if you found any of these tips helpful or if you have any other good tips! Good Luck!

Preppy by the Sea 


  1. Good luck on your exams! xoxo

  2. Great tips!