April 07, 2015

Workout Wear

I love buying cute athletic clothes, I guess if my outfit is cuter I have more motivation to actually workout. Seriously, if you have never stepped foot into a Lululemon store you are missing out. With the weather warming up, I will actually be able to start running outside again! My friends and I made a challenge on the Nike+ app which is a fun way to motivate yourself and have a little competition, we even throw in a pedicure for the winner! I have been trying to go to the gym 3-4 times a week in the past two months (see my routine here) since it has been so chilly. If you are looking for inexpensive workout wear, check out Gap, they have the best tanks! Where is your favorite place to buy athletic clothes?

Preppy by the Sea 


  1. For more affordable athletic clothes, I've started checking out TJMaxx (they have a good selection of new balance and puma) and Old Navy! I love shopping for new athletic clothes too.



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