April 10, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! Not to be a Debbie downer or anything, but I am thrilled to see this week come to an end, as it was not one of my favorites. This week we started our fourth and final semester, which seems absolutely crazy! I am excited to be in the final phase of the school year, but am very aware that with this comes heavy workloads. Our Spring Break starts exactly one week from today and getting to sunny Florida is about the only thing keeping me sane. Anyways let's welcome in the weekend and hopefully nice weather to come!

This Gap "spacedye" tee is the most incredible shirt ever. I have never purchased something so comfortable and soft, definitely a must have for anyones wardrobe. Grey is one of my favorite colors to wear in the Fall and Winter and this light heathered look is perfect spring neutral! 

Two: Easter
I am such a sucker for Easter candy and it has become a problem. Overdosing on Jelly beans is a thing- side effects include sugar rush and headaches. I am also loving two new pink Essie colors that the Easter bunny left in my basket! The light pink is the color "Fiji" and the hot pink is "Mod Square". 

Three: Lemon Water
With all of the Easter candy I have consumed in the past week, I have been working out a lot and drinking lots of water, particularly lemon water. In the summer I love putting different fruits in my water, but why limit that to a single season? Adding a few slices of lemon to water makes the taste a little more crisp and refreshing! 


Preppy by the Sea 

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  1. I need to get that top! Even though it's a basic it looks so cute! I know how you feel about school too. Our Spring Break was at the beginning of the month and I really miss the beach!
    Alyson | mylifeasalyson.blogspot.com