April 03, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! With the first week of April under our belts, we are getting closer to summer! We have been taking standardized tests all week, so apologies for the lack of outfit pictures. I pretty much lived in a variation of leggings, sweatpants, oversized shirts and sweatshirts, not the most fashionable  but certainly comfortable for hours of tests. We finally got outside for golf practice and was so nice to see a little sunshine after such a long winter. I am looking forward to Easter this weekend and pulling out some cute spring clothes! 

One: Pops of Pink 
I am low key obsessed with this pink Kate Spade Purse. How adorable would this be with some navy and white stripes in the Summer. The classic shape makes it very versatile, but the color makes a nice statement to any outfit. 

Two: Gap Spring Arrivals 
I feel like with Gap it is really a hit or a miss, but I am loving the simplistic pieces along with the subtle colors. I recently purchased this and this. They have lots of flowy knit tees that would be great for spring and summer. I tried on the shirt pictured last weekend. Although I did not purchase it, the yellow was so fun and it would look great with white jeans. 

Two: Gearing up for Easter 
It's no secret that I am obsessed with flowers, especially tulips. The light pink is perfect for the table this Easter. I definitely guilty of indulging in some Easter candy. My friend Clare gave me a pack of peeps- if you're reading this, thanks :) They are one of those candies that are so good because they only come out at this time of the year! 


Preppy by the Sea


  1. Love the Kate Spade bag, I really want one like it! And you're flowers are so pretty! I'd put some in my room, but they'd be dead in a week!

    Running Alyssa