April 22, 2015

What's in My Carry-On

A carry-on can really make or break your flying experience, so whenever I travel I try to make sure mine is well packed. For the most part I bring some sort of tote bag as my carry-on, however If I need to have all my school stuff with me I will bring my backpack. You can never pack too many charging devices when traveling. Is there anything worse than having all your devices die while in the air? I always make sure to charge up one (or two) portable chargers the night before I leave. You can't sit on your phone for the entire flight, so I always bring a magazine and a book to read. My ears hurt so much when we land, so gum is also a must. I typically toss in a snack or purchase one once I get past security, as options are not plentiful once you get on the plane. I am the queen of spilling diet coke all over myself on the plane, I'll just blame that on the turbulence :) Having a Tide stain stick on hand is never a bad idea. Finally, I just have the essentials- wallet, sunglasses, phone, and laptop! What are your must-have for a positive flying experience?


Preppy by the Sea 

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