November 06, 2015

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!! I honestly can't believe that we are already one week into November, I feel like I just went back to school a few weeks ago! This was one of those weeks where I thought it was Friday since wednesday morning, so needless to say I am happy the week has finally come to an end. Today marks the end of the first term of the year and it feels nice to hit one of the benchmarks in junior year. After one term, I now know what to expect from each of my teachers and what my classes entail. This crazy week has me extremely ready for a relaxing weekend.

One: New York City
For some reason, this week I had a random desire to go to New York City. My dad is in New York all the time for business and he texted me this picture the other day. The skyline and sunset are absolutely breathtaking and I hope I can go back for a visit soon! 

Two: Short Sleeves
This week has been strangely warm for November. On wednesday after school, my car said it was 76 degrees out and it was the most beautiful day! Because of the lovely temperatures, I have been resorting back to short sleeve tops. See how I styled one of my favorites from Zara here

Three: Final Assignments
As I mentioned earlier, this was the last week of first term at my school, which naturally brought a hefty work load. I had a TON of tests and quizzes this week, as teachers were cramming to get last minute assignments into their grade books. For my English class we have a long-term assignment due today and I'm thrilled to have it finally completed!


Preppy by the Se 

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  1. That picture your dad sent is gorgeous! I'm going to be spending my summer in New York and I can't wait!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal